Chanel West Coast All Cake With Beverly Hills Backside

Chanel West Coast close up

Chanel West Coast is backing it up in skin-tight matching Burberry on Beverly Hills' abandoned boulevards, and it's getting noticed. The 32-year-old MTV face and rapper's weekend activity was all cake and all designer, with Chanel's 3.5 million Instagram followers today treated to three sizzling shots and a reminder that the "No Plans" hit-maker likes it high-end. Chanel, who raps about Balenciaga on her 2020-released "America's Sweetheart" album, was taking it down the British designer route here, and it was curves galore. Check it out below.

Make It Fashion

Chanel West Coast in bedroo yoga wear

Scroll for the photos. Chanel, whose middle name forms that of a luxury brand, was sticking to the expensive stuff. The Fashion Nova partner, who once regularly influenced for the affordable clothing label, was snapped posing on a stretch of road fringed by palms, and it was figure-flaunting stuff.

The photos showed the "Ridiculousness" star flaunting her killer curves in super-tight and high-waisted Nova Check Burberry pants, also going clingy with a top matching the lowers. High heels and shades added pizzazz.

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Chanel West Coast on a road in Burberry

Posing facing the camera and also crouching down for a killer finish, Chanel knocked the lens dead as she went sexy and classy, with the caption acknowledging the California location. "Beverly hills booty," the rapper wrote, quickly catching the approval of fellow L.A. resident and model Blac Chyna.

Chanel has been talking fashion for years. Back in 2013, she told Fashionista: "I like to mix up cheap and vintage stuff with high-end stuff, like today I’m wearing a Forever 21 shirt with Giuseppe sneakers."

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Chanel West Coast on a road in Burberry

Chanel, whose "Karl" track came honoring now-deceased Chanel chief Karl Lagerfeld, added: "I love Giuseppe, Jimmy Choo; I love Chanel obviously; I love Balmain, Givenchy, all of the dope brands."

West Coast also runs her own clothing line. LOL Cartel is more trendy sweats than designer, but the star has opened up on her mindset, too: "I feel like growing up bicoastal, every time I would come to New York when I was little, that’s when I got more into it. You’re walking trough the city and passing so many boutiques and brands."

See her bikini body below!

Miami Body

Chanel West Coast in beachy bikini and shorts

Chanel is fresh from her first vacation since the start of the global pandemic, one that took the rapper to Miami Beach and got big-time documented via bikini snaps on her Instagram. 

Chanel was living it "EAZY" as she promoted her latest track, with the photos coming welcomed by fans. Chanel hung with her besties, she hit up downtown areas in Daisy Dukes for a spin, and she also made headlines once back home for revealing she's lost a ton of weight during COVID. In fact, her spandex workout gear was visibly loose.