Hannah Ann Sluss Has 'No Buns' In Body Chain & Bikini

Treva Bowdoin

Hannah Ann Sluss observed that there were "no buns" in sight in the mouthwatering video and photos that she posted to her Instagram page on Saturday. She referenced Sir-Mix-a-Lot's biggest hit in her caption, where she wrote, "What to do when you got no buns huns." 

However, while Hannah had her buns partially out in a skimpy bikini, her words had nothing to do with the rapper's obsession with round rumps, and she was not suggesting that she did not have a "healthy butt." Instead, her cheeky comment was about the lack of buns in her hands.

Miami Munchies

Hannah, 24, was enjoying a pleasant day outside at the Baia Beach Club in Miami, Florida. While The Bachelor star hung out in a lounge area between the ocean and the waterfront destination's pool, she chowed down on a few tasty treats. 

Her video showed her biting into a burger that would be a great option for those on a low-carb diet, which is something that the man behind "Baby Got Back" likely would not get behind. Her burger patty, pickles, and cheese were sandwiched between two large pieces of lettuce, hence her comment about being bun-less. 

Picnicking With Pals

A few of Hannah's photos revealed more of her tempting spread, which was arranged around her on an outdoor daybed. Her other eats included fries, sushi, hot wings, and shishito peppers with lemon. 

Luckily, the picnicking reality show star had a pair of pals with her who could potentially help her clean all the plates. In one photo, she was joined by bikini-clad model Julianne Downs and an adorable doodle dog named Charlie. Julianne described the canine as the "biggest bachelor at the pool."

Blinged Out In A Bikini

Hannah stood out from the poolside crowd in a bold zebra-print bikini. The black-and-white bathing suit featured gold ring hardware in the center of the top's bust and on the bottoms' side straps. A low neckline put her perky sun-kissed cleavage on display.

Hannah went all out with her bling. She was dripping with gold jewelry that included a delicate body chain, stacked chain bracelets in various designs, diamond rings on each hand, and a pair of chunky, twisted hoop earrings. Her windswept brunette hair was styled in bouncy waves. 

Hannah Ann Wows Her Fans

Hannah's Instagram followers were impressed with her spicy swimwear choice and her uncanny ability to look good while eating in a bikini. One fan asked her where she got her two-piece, and she revealed that it was from Beach Bunny Swimwear. 

"How do u make eating a burger & hot chicken wings look hot???" wrote Hannah's fellow Bachelor alum Victoria Fuller. 

"That all looks so yummy and you are the cutest," read another response to her post. 

"A whole snack," a third admirer remarked, adding a drooling emoji.