Kamala Harris' Marijuana Use Resurfaces As Joe Biden Administration Purges Staffers For Using Drug

Kamala Harris stares off camera.
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As Joe Biden's administration fires staffers for past marijuana use, Vice President Kamala Harris' past use has come under scrutiny.

"So despite the fact that weed is legal in D.C., the Biden White House has suspended/fired/replaced staffers who have used marijuana in the past. So why ain’t Kamala Harris fired?" tweeted former Democratic congressional candidate Salem Snow.

Snow added that he realizes the elected nature of Harris' position and is trying to underline the "utter hypocrisy & unethical nature" of the Biden administraiton's recent purge.

Harris Admitted To Smoking Marijuana & Supports Legalization

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In glaring contrast to the Biden administration's recent purge of past marijuana users is Harris' admission that she has used the drug.

As reported by CNN, Harris admitted to The Breakfast Club co-host Charlamagne Tha God that she smoked marijuana "a long time ago." 

Elsewhere in the interview, she voiced support for legalizing the drug and brushed off claims that she does not.

"That’s not true. And look I joke about it, half joking – half my family’s from Jamaica, are you kidding me."

Biden Staffers Are Being Suspended & Sidelined For Their Past Marijuana Use

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As noted by Forbes, a recent Daily Beast report spotlights the Biden administration's alleged firing and sidelining of staffers who admitted to past marijuana use on their background check form.

Biden allegedly told staffers that the administration would "overlook" individuals who revealed past marijuana use. Despite this alleged claim, the White House's Director of Management and Administration Anne Filipic allegedly contacted staffers who used the drug in the past and pressured them to either resign or be forced into a remote work program

Twitter Had Lots To Say About The Decision

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After White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki addressed the story on Twitter on Friday morning, many users began to express their dismay at the administration's decision.

Discourse Blog founder Jack Mirkinson slammed the move but also argued that it's unsurprising given Biden's age and past support for the war on drugs — a reference to the Violent Crime Control Act of 1991 that he created.

Elsewhere, political analyst Jeff Greenfield called the move "really, really stupid" and encouraged staffers from former administration who admitted to using marijuana to speak out against Biden's administration.

Marijuana Has Been Legalized In 14 States

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As noted by The Daily Mail, marijuana is legalized n 14 states, despite still being illegal under federal law. It is legalized in Arizona, Alaska, Colorado, California, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maine, Montana, Nevada, Michigan, Oregon, New Jersey, Washington, and Vermont. In addition, it is legalized in the District of Columbia.

The wave of legalization in recent years, as well as decreased social stigma, puts the Biden administration's decision at odds with the trajectory of the country on the issue.

The United States is not the only country to move toward legalization. Just two years ago, Canada authorized the possession, sale, and distribution of marijuana.