Joe Biden Refers To Kamala Harris As 'President'

President Joe Biden delivers a speech.
Gettyimages | Pool
White House

During a speech on Thursday, President Joe Biden referred to his second-in-command, Kamala Harris, as "president."

Per the Washington Examiner, Biden made the mistake as he was touting his administration's accomplishments when it comes to tackling the coronavirus pandemic.

Under Biden, the federal government has embarked on an effort to rapidly vaccinate the population and appears on track to deliver 100 million COVID-19 vaccine shots in Biden's first 100 days in office.

In addition, Biden recently signed a $1.9 trillion economic relief bill into law.

'President' Harris

"This is really important. Because we believe in speed and efficiency must be matched with fairness and equity," Biden said at the White House.

Biden then noted that Harris recently visited a vaccination center in the state of Arizona and mistakenly referred to her as "president."

"Now, when President Harris took a virtual tour of a vaccination center in Arizona not long ago, one of the nurses on that tour -- injecting people, giving vaccinations, said that each shot was like administering a dose of hope," he said.

Biden Has Made Similar Mistakes In The Past

This was not the first time for Biden to mistakenly call Harris "president."

The 78-year-old referred to the California Democrat as "president-elect" in December 2020, when he urged then-President Donald Trump to tell his supporters to take the COVID-19 vaccine.

"I hope the president will clearly and unambiguously urge all Americans to take the vaccine once it’s available," Biden said at the time.

"I took it to instill public confidence in the vaccine. President-elect Harris took hers today for the same reason," he added.

Biden Is Prone To Gaffes

Biden is prone to making gaffes. As the New York Post reported, the president once described himself as a "gaffe machine," acknowledging that he has a tendency to misspeak.

During the 2020 presidential campaign, Biden made a number of verbal mistakes and even got into heated exchanges with reporters and voters.

At one campaign stop, for instance, he called a town hall attendee a "damn liar" for implying that his son, Hunter, may have profited from his involvement in politics. He also called the man "fat" and challenged him to a push-up contest. 

Allegations Of Cognitive Decline

Some, especially public figures on the right, have pointed to Biden's gaffes as evidence that he is suffering from cognitive decline.

Notably, Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson reported last year that sources close to Biden claim he "has some form of recognizable dementia." Carlson also wrongly predicted that Biden would lose the 2020 presidential election to Trump.

Individuals close to Trump, such as commentator Dan Bongino, have made similar claims. Last summer, as The Inquisitr reported, Bongino said that people close to Biden think his "cognitive decline is rapidly worsening."