Gymnast McKayla Maroney All Legs After French Fries Binge

McKayla Maroney smiling close up

Olympic gymnast McKayla Maroney "just ate too many fries," and she's showing off her Gold Medal legs right after. The 25-year-old former athlete and London 2012 Olympics face was all sunkissed and gorgeous in photos shared to both her Instagram accounts over the weekend, with the vault queen seemingly proving that calories don't stick to her waistline. Posting for both her 1.3 million Instagram followers and to a smaller audience on lesser-known Glohé wellness account, McKayla threw out preppy style vibes, plus IG-adored food talk. Check it out below.

'Just Ate Too Many French Fries'

McKayla Maroney in sweater

Scroll for the photos. They come as McKayla makes serious health headlines, with late February seeing the gymnast rushed to the E.R. in "severe pain" and later diagnosed with kidney stones

Seeming to be making headway with her recovery, Maroney updated on Sunday, outdoors, in the sun, and looking all dressed up while posing amid brick steps leading to a building entrance. It was all legs as McKayla wore a tiny, lacy, and embellished off-white minidress, with a blue sweater over it adding pop.

Keep Scrolling For The Photo!

McKayla Maroney smiles in pants

Shot turning around and looking all matching as the dress' collar emerged amid sweater blues, McKayla also rocked dark shades atop her head and peeped a quilted handbag. The plump-lipped star told her Glohé followers: "Hope everyone had a nice Sunday. I definitely just ate too many French Fries.!

Fans seem to be getting it. "I did, thank you," one replied, adding: "Same here, but replace fries with pizza. Have a great week!" "We'll let it slide this time," another joked.

See Her Stunning Bikini Body!

McKayla Maroney outdoors in sweater and dress

Food, heavily featuring on McKayla's social media as she recently discussed her past acne flare-ups, has been covered by Maroney in interviews. In 2019, she told Byrdie:

“When I wasn’t working out eight hours a day, I gained weight, and my coaches weren’t happy about that. So I really didn’t like my body for a while after I couldn’t really work out."

"I wasn’t eating that healthy when I was competing. I would drink 24-ounce Cokes, and my parents weren’t really health freaks," she added. See the bikini below!

Healthy All The Way

McKayla Maroney in bikini on steps

Saying that her "perspective" had "changed," McKayla then announced being more on the vegan side of things, although she has since stated that a fully raw and vegan lifestyle may have done her skin no favors. Maroney has been addressing her intake amid her kidney stones recovery, but she did admit to lapsing and caving for "cute" coffee shop coffees.

McKayla remains best known for her "unimpressed face" going viral at the London 2012 Olympics, having since revealed her family still teases her over it.