Gymnast McKayla Maroney Braless On Windy St. Patrick's Day

McKayla Maroney close up and outdoors

Olympic gymnast McKayla Maroney is hanging around balconies for St. Patrick's Day and sending out her feminine curves. The 25-year-old vault queen, fresh from fronting media outlets in February for her emergency kidney stones E.R. visit, was today showing she's recovering well while celebrating St. Patrick's Day - posting for her 1.3 million Instagram followers, the London 2012 Olympics face shared a gorgeous breezy shot, and it was quite a chesty affair. McKayla's stories on Wednesday also sent fans the best on the Irish calendar date.

It's St. Patrick's Day!

McKayla Maroney in yoga pants and hat

Scroll for the photo. It comes as McKayla, who revealed being in "severe pain" ahead of her kidney stones diagnosis last month, continues to prove a talking point for her Instagram activity, with the gymnast now boasting two accounts. Posting to her main one today, the California native appeared all windswept and outdoors, with a skimpy, knotted, and yellow-green tee flattering her figure as she posed braless.

Sending out pillow lips and her all-around good looks, McKayla stunned fans, writing: "Happy St. Patrick's Day."

See The Photo Below!

McKayla Maroney indoors in dress

Good wishes are something McKayla's fans are getting used to. A recent post from the flexible star came with a big Sunday dress-up, a skimpy miniskirt finish, and a humorous caption proving that gymnasts absolutely eat. Maroney told her followers:

"Hope everyone had a nice Sunday. I definitely just ate too many french fries."

Nutrition is now a major talking point as the former acne sufferer explores which foods she feels may have worsened her skin over the years. If you missed it, see the tomatoes warning below.

See Her Killer Spandex Workout!

McKayla Maroney on balcony

In early March, McKayla made it all tomatoes with a big fat warning. A post showing how the popular fruit is used in cooking came with the gymnast revealing: "Back for another food post, on what can cause acne. Let’s get right into it. Tomatoes: 🍅 🍕"

"I really had no idea tomatoes caused acne until 4 years ago when I went raw vegan. (Mistake for me) It ruined my skin."

Also shared has been McKayla admitting that she's lapsed back into coffees from "cute" coffee shops when she feels this too does her no favors. See the workout below.

Power Gymnast


If you don't live inside this gymnast's social media, you can expect plenty on her TikTok, and not your standard stuff. 2021 has seen Maroney make headlines for a pandemic-friendly home kitchen workout with frozen peas and frozen bread, although it was more conventional with the above video as McKayla returned to the gym in a face mask, tight camo spandex, and for some hardcore training. Maroney is best known for her viral "unimpressed face" at the London 2012 Olympics.