'General Hospital' Spoilers: Olivia's Got Plenty To Say To Brook Lynn After Her Port Charles Return

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General Hospital spoilers tease that Thursday's episode will contain juicy moments involving Olivia and Brook Lynn. The two women have always struggled to get along with one another. Given that, this upcoming reunion between the two is virtually guaranteed to be a bit intense.

Brook Lynn left Port Charles last fall and departed while keeping a very big secret. Now she's back in the Quartermaine mansion and she did not happen to give anybody a heads-up on her stunning pregnancy news

Olivia Will Offer Up Her Advice

According to SheKnows Soaps, Olivia will be quick to offer advice during the March 18 episode. As viewers know, she's not someone who ever holds back. She's known for throwing herself into situations whether she's welcome or not, and that could cause issues in this case.

The General Hospital preview for Thursday detailed that Olivia and Brook Lynn would be together at the Quartermaine home. It seems likely that it's Brook Lynn who ends up on the receiving end of Olivia's advice.

Brook Lynn's Surprise Rattles Olivia

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As General Hospital viewers now know, Brook Lynn was indeed pregnant when she left Port Charles last fall. She's got a very prominent baby bump now, and it didn't take Michael long to guess that the baby was Valentin's.

Will others in Brook Lynn's inner circle figure that out quickly as well? Based on the General Hospital sneak peek for Thursday's show, it seems likely that Brook Lynn won't manage to keep this under wraps for very long, if at all.

Olivia's Practically Frantic

The preview shows Olivia looking quite frazzled as she talks to a serious Brook Lynn. Olivia exclaims that "he" can never know about "this," and this may be where she doles out some advice. 

It seems quite possible that what Olivia's worried about in this case is Brook Lynn's father Ned learning that his grandchild will be Valentin's biological child. Olivia and Ned are estranged, but it certainly appears that she'll consider his feelings almost immediately when she discovers Brook Lynn's shocker.

Valentin May Learn The Truth Soon

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Brook Lynn hasn't yet told Valentin her big news, and it seems she's hoping to avoid it entirely. That's not a very realistic plan, however, no matter how much both Brook Lynn and Olivia might want to keep Valentin at arm's length. 

General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central hint that Valentin may discover Brook Lynn's condition by the end of the week. He'll be left truly stunned by something he sees or learns, and Brook Lynn's pregnancy would definitely fit the bill there.