Mitch McConnell Says Joe Biden 'Inherited' Vaccine Trajectory From Donald Trump

Mitch McConnell stares off camera.
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Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell believes that President Joe Biden is taking too much credit for the coronavirus vaccines that have given hope to Americans that it will soon overcome the pandemic.

As reported by Breitbart, the 79-year-old lawmaker took to Twitter on Monday to criticize Biden. He began by slamming the president's decision to tell Americans to wait until Independence Day before gatheirng with family and friends.

"Why did he present a million vaccines per day as a personal 'Mission Accomplished' moment when it’s simply the pace Democrats inherited in January?" he continued.

Biden Has Criticized Trump's Work On Vaccinations 

Before Biden took office, his predecessor Donald Trump initiated Operation Warp Speed — an effort to speed up the vaccine creation and distribution process. However, according to Biden, Trump did not do nearly enough work on the vaccination rollout.

“Two months ago, this country didn’t have nearly enough vaccine supply to vaccinate all or ever near all of the American people, public," Biden said in an address last week.

Previously, Biden claimed that the Trump administration did not have a "real plan" for vaccinating America.

Trump's Administration Has Pushed Back On Biden's Claims

Despite Biden's criticism of the Trump administration, the former president's team has pushed back against his claims.

Notably, former senior adviser to the Department of Health and Human Services John Wagner previously told Breitbart that the Trump administration had created a vaccine distribution plan before Biden entered the White House — a statement that contradicts Biden's previous claims that they were left with nothing.

Elsewhere, former acting Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller revealed that 35,761,800 vaccines were distributed to Americans on January 19 — right before Biden took office.

Biden Was Accused Of Using The Trump Administration's 'Playbook'

Joe Biden signs executive orders.
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Amid Biden's criticism of the Trump administration's approach to handling the COVID-19 vaccines, former Trump official Paul Mango suggested that the head of state was benefitting from his administration's work.

“They criticize what we did, but they are using our playbook every step of the way,” the former senior Operation Warp Speed official said.

Notably, Mango underlined that Trump's administration focused its efforts on ensuring the creation or expansion of additional vaccine production plants, which he suggested is partly the reason for the recent "nice trajectory."

McConnell Has Been Openly Critical Of Biden's Coronavirus Comments

McConnell has taken aim at Biden's comments on coronavirus vaccinations before. As reported by Mediaite, he used a Monday speech on the Senate floor to claim that Biden's recent vaccination goal was a "walkback" from Dr. Anthony Fauci's previous comments. Notably, McConnell underlined that Fauci previously said all states would be eligible for vaccinations by April — a month before Biden's May 1 goal.

"So the president’s announcement of May 1st wasn’t ambitious good news,” McConnell said. 

“It was actually a walkback.”