NFL Rumors: Russell Wilson And Seahawks Could 'Slam The Door' On Trade Speculation

Russell Wilson prepares to throw a pass in an NFL game.
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The trade speculation surrounding Russell Wilson could soon be coming to an end.

After reports emerged that the Pro Bowl quarterback had a falling out with the team's front office that prompted him to explore the potential of a trade, a new report indicates that team is considering restructuring his deal, which could solidify his place with for the near future. If the situation works out, it would clear up a muddled quarterback situation and allow the Seahawks to focus on other offseason priorities.


Wilson Has Been Target Of Trade Talk

Russell Wilson prepares to throw a pass in an NFL game.
Gettyimages | Abbie Parr

There have been growing indications that Wilson could be looking for a way out of Seattle after becoming dismayed at the direction of the team and his lack of input into personnel decisions.

As The Inquisitr reported, former teammate Brandon Marshall said last month that he believed Wilson was already working on an exit strategy from Seattle.

"Russell Wilson is trying to figure out how to move on in a classy way,'' he said on the FS1 show First Things First, via Twitter. "That's what I truly believe.''

Price For Wilson Would Be High

Russell Wilson seen before an NFL game.
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There are no indications that the Seahawks are engaged in any talks to actually trade Wilson, but reports have indicated that the team would be seeking a massive return. NBC Sports reported that Seattle would likely start the negotiations at three first-round picks, noting that it would be quite costly for the Seahawks to part with Wilson. Even with a strong return, a trade would leave the team with $39 million of dead money going into the cap, the outlet noted.

Wilson, Seahawks Working On New Deal

Russell Wilson celebrates during an NFL game.
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The trade talk could soon come to an end. Pro Football Talk reported that the team could be taking advantage of its contractual right to restructure Wilson's contract, which would signal that the team has no plans to trade him.

The report noted that the team could potentially drop his $19 million salary down to the league-minimum of $1.075 million and move the remaining $17.925 million into a signing bonus.

"Regardless of whether the Seahawks choose to kick the salary-cap can by restructuring Wilson’s deal (they’re currently more than $21 million under the 2021 cap), doing so would mean that he’s not being traded," the report noted.

Trade Could Still Be Coming

Russell Wilson looks to throw a pass in an NFL game.
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As the report noted, the restructuring would be a short-term fix and not a permanent solution. The move, if completed by Seattle, would signal that Wilson is likely not going anywhere for the upcoming season but would leave open the possibility of being shipped away next year.

"Unless the new team would be adding even more trade compensation in order to inherit Wilson at a minimum salary and cap number of $1.075 million, the Seahawks have no reason to pay Wilson another penny until it’s certain he won’t be traded. Thus, if/when a restructuring happens, the potential Wilson trade window moves to 2022, at the earliest," the report noted.