Donald Trump Could Be In Hot Water Legally In Georgia, Former Prosecutor Says

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Donald Trump could be facing some legal troubles in Georgia, a former federal prosecutor says.

John Flannery, a former New York prosecutor, said in an interview with MSNBC that there may be evidence that Trump illegally attempted to interfere in the last presidential election by pressuring state officials to overturn results. This comes as Trump is facing a number of other investigations that could lead to potential charges as well, including a probe into his personal and business finances in New York state.

Call Shows Trump Pressing Officials

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The phone call, released this week, showed Trump appearing to press Frances Watson, who serves as lead investigator in the office of Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger. In the December 25 call, Trump appeared to appeal to Watson's ego, saying she would be praised if she went along with his request to overturn votes in the state.

Trump has already been in hot water for a call with Raffensperger that showed him pressing Georgia officials to overturn the election result showing Joe Biden as the winner of the state. Georgia officials resisted Trump's pressure despite his public criticism, and the results of the race stood.

Call Was Found Under Strange Circumstances

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As The Week reported, the call between Trump and Watson was discovered through some odd circumstances. The report noted that Watson had secretly recorded the call -- which is legal in Georgia, a one-party consent state -- but officials did not know about the recording.

While responding to a public records request, the call was found in the trash folder of Watson's device, the report noted. 

In the audio, Trump was focused on challenging results in Fulton County, home to Atlanta and much of the state's black population. Biden won heavily in these areas. 

Trump Could Be In Trouble

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In his appearance on MSNBC, Flannery said that the newly released tape shows Trump using the same language in multiple calls with Georgia officials. 

He hinted that the audio could ultimately be used as the basis for criminal charges against Trump, and would be particularly damaging since they are his own words.

"This is really dangerous," Flannery said.

He added that the tape could add to an already growing case against the former president in the Peach State.

"I would think Fulton County DA is very excited about this," he said.

Trump Faces Other Investigations

Donald Trump speaks at a rally.
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While he faces potential criminal charges in Georgia, Trump could also run into trouble in other states.

As The Inquisitr reported, New York Attorney General Letitia James is leading an investigation as to whether Trump committed fraud by lying about his assets. 

Trump's troubles in his former home state could also be growing deeper. Raw Story reported that the top law firm that Trump had employed in the probe, Morgan Lewis & Bockius, released a statement saying they were no longer representing him.