NFL Rumors: Bears Ready To Offer Massive Haul For Big-Name Quarterback

Deshaun Watson warms up before an NFL game.
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The Chicago Bears are desperate to solve their quarterback problem and prepared to offer a massive haul to land a big-name signal caller, a new report indicates.

The Bears have a question mark at quarterback after Mitchell Trubisky failed to lock down the job and is now headed to free agency and an expected exit. A number of reports have indicated that Chicago would be active in going after one of the available quarterbacks in what is expected to be an offseason of unprecedented movement, where as many as 20 teams are expected to snag new quarterbacks. The Bears are reportedly going after two of the biggest names.

Bears Already Missed Out On Some Targets

Carson Wentz on the sidelines during an NFL game.
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As The Sporting News reported, the Bears already struck out on a pair of offseason targets. The outlet noted that the team was "hot" after Carson Wentz, but lost out when the Philadelphia Eagles reached a deal to send him to the Indianapolis Colts.  

The Bears also had interested in Ben Roethlisberger, who some insiders believed could have moved on from the Pittsburgh Steelers. But he ended up restructuring his contract to remain in Pittsburgh, making it likely he will end his career there and leaving the Bears still searching for a signal caller.

Bears Have More Targets In Mind

Deshaun Watson on the sidelines during an NFL game.
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The Sporting News noted that the Bears are still heavily interested in two of the biggest names this offseason -- Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson and the Seattle Seahawks' Russell Wilson. 

With other options already snatched up and the price reportedly very high for either quarterback, there is a growing sense of desperation in Chicago to get a deal done. 

"There is a real sense of panic in that building," noted CBS Sports reporter Jason La Canfora, via The Sporting News. "Don't underestimate how desperate they are."

Bears Prepared To Make Massive Offer

Russell Wilson prepares to throw a pass in an NFL game.
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With that sense of desperation growing, La Canfora reported that the Bears are ready to offer a "boatload" of draft picks to pull off either deal.

As The Sporting News noted, the Seahawks are believed to be asking for three first-round picks in exchange for Wilson. Watson could end up costing even more.

"Given Watson's age and recent production, there's a good chance his price tag could be a bit higher than Wilson's, though Houston doesn't seem to want to let him go," the report noted.

Competition Expected To Be High

Deshaun Watson celebrates during an NFL game.
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In order to land either Watson or Wilson, the Bears may need to be prepared to outbid other motivated teams. Reports have indicated that competition would be high for either quarterback. In the case of Watson, the Bears may also need to convince the Texans to part with him in the first place.

As ESPN reported, the team has been steadfast in saying he will be back next season. 

"We are very committed to Deshaun as our quarterback," new head coach David Culley said this week. "He is our quarterback. He's the only guy we got under contract at this time, right now."