Donald Trump Could Soon Be 'Broke And In Jail,' Columnists Claim

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In an op-ed for The Washington Post, Donald Ayer and Norman Eisen argue that former President Donald Trump could soon be "broke and in jail" due to the civil and criminal cases he now faces.

Although the pair noted Trump's penchant for escaping the law, they suggested he might not be able to this time.

"But the walls seem to be rapidly closing in," they wrote. "If they do, they may finally mark an end to the ex-president’s involvement in our public life. It is not easy to be involved in politics if you are broke and in jail."

Trump's Tax Returns Might Have Strengthened One Investigation Into His Business Dealings

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Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. recently acquired Trump's tax returns, which were notoriously elusive throughout his presidency. Vance Jr.'s investigation is examining Trump's business dealings and looking for possible crimes — such as tax and bank fraud — under New York City law.

Ayer and Eisen underlined that Vance Jr. recently hired Mark Pomerantz, who allegedly has "extensive experience trying complex criminal matters," as the probe's top deputy.

As The Inquisitr reported, Vance Jr.'s investigation has long fueled rumors that Trump could soon end up in prison.

Trump Is Also Facing Legal Action For His Role In The Capitol Riot

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Ayer and Eisen also highlighted Trump's more recent legal woes stemming from his purported role in the January 6 Capitol riot. The pair noted a recent lawsuit against Trump from a member of Congress, which marks that second from such a lawmaker linked to the alleged insurrection attempt.

"As attorneys who have overseen prosecutions or other accountability efforts in Republican and Democratic administrations alike, we believe the combination of civil cases and a pair of rapidly accelerating state criminal investigations make for a potent force to combat the ex-president’s ongoing wrongdoing," they wrote.

Trump Was Previously Protected By His Presidency

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Trump faced scrutiny for possible criminal behavior throughout his presidency. Notably, Robert Mueller declined to indict the then-president after the conclusion of his investigation and left it up to Congress to impeach Trump on possible charges.

In his defense, the former head of state pointed to Article II of the United States Constitution and argued that it shielded him from any possible investigation. 

Still, Trump was ultimately impeached twice by the Senate on three charges: abuse of power, obstruction of Congress, and incitement of insurrection.

Predictions Have Long Swirled Around Trump's Possible Jail Sentence

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Trump's reckless nature and evasion of the law have long fueled predictions about his possible future in prison. As The Inquisitr reported, political commentator Bill Palmer previously suggested that the former U.S. leader would be in prison or under house arrest by the time the next election rolls around.

According to Forbes editor Dan Alexander, Trump's potential prison sentence would likely stem from his corrupt financial dealings. In a piece for Raw Story, the editor pointed in particular to an alleged "trail of dirty money" that Trump has left in his wake.