NBA Rumors: Buddy Hield Could Be Traded To Knicks For Knox, Payton, Burks & 1st-Round Pick

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Despite failing to acquire their top targets in the 2020 offseason, the New York Knicks have managed to surpass the expectations for the 2020-21 NBA season so far. Though their roster mostly consists of young players, the Knicks are surprisingly in the playoff race, sitting at the No. 7 spot in the Eastern Conference with a 19-19 record. To further strengthen their chances of ending a seven-year playoff drought, the Knicks are expected to make major roster upgrades before the 2021 trade deadline.

Knicks Could Try To Acquire Buddy Hield From Kings

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One of the potential trade targets for the Knicks this season is veteran shooting guard Buddy Hield of the Sacramento Kings. In a recent article, Greg Patuto of NBA Analysis Network suggested a way the Knicks would be able to acquire Hield from the Kings before the March 25 trade deadline. In the proposed trade scenario, New York would send a package that includes Kevin Knox, Elfrid Payton, Alec Bucks, and a 2021 first-round pick to Sacramento in exchange for Hield.

Buddy Hield On-Court Impact For Knicks

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Hield would undeniably be an intriguing addition to the Knicks. Despite his poor shot selection, he's still an upgrade over Reggie Bullock at the Knicks' starting guard position. He would give the Knicks another prolific scorer next to Julius Randle and RJ Barrett and an elite three-point shooter.

This season, the 28-year-old sharpshooter is averaging 16.5 points, 4.5 rebounds, and 3.3 assists while shooting 39.0 percent from the field and 37.9 percent from beyond the arc, per ESPN.  If he becomes more consistent with his performance on the offensive end of the floor, Hield would be a huge help in bringing the Knicks back to the postseason this year.

Buddy Hield Would Welcome A Trade To Knicks

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Though he managed to find his way back to the Kings' starting lineup this season, it's not hard to see Hield wanting a change of scenery before the 2021 trade deadline. Hield would definitely prefer to be moved to a legitimate title contender, but the Knicks aren't a bad destination at all.

Compared to the Kings who are likely headed to the lottery, the Knicks have a better chance of making the playoffs this season. Also, being mentored by a more experienced coach like Tom Thibodeau would help him improve his overall game.

Why The Trade Make Sense For The Kings

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If the proposed trade deal would push through, it wouldn't only be beneficial for the Knicks, but also for the Kings. Aside from successfully getting rid of Hield's lucrative contract, they would also be acquiring a talented prospect in Knox and a future first-round pick that could help them speed up the rebuilding process.

"This would continue their rebuild and point them in the right direction," Patuto wrote. "Hield was thought to be the backcourt mate of the future for De’Aaron Fox. This might not be the case. The Knicks would be able to offer the Kings draft capital and some young players looking for a change of scenery."