Josephine Skriver Rocks Frilly Bikini For 'Sports Illustrated Swimsuit' Sneak Peek

Josephine Skriver rocks a blue bra and multicolored jacket while throwing up peace signs during runway show.
Gettyimages | Dimitrios Kambouris
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Josephine Skriver is back and looking better than ever for the 2021 edition of the highly anticipated Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. On Monday, March 8, the publication's official Instagram page shared a sneak peek at one of the stunning photos of the model that will appear in its special annual edition. 

The 27-year-old Danish beauty won the coveted title of the magazine's Rookie of the Year in 2020, but she was already a modeling pro with numerous fashion shows and ad campaigns under her belt. Her experience showed in the new SI Swim photo.

Rookie With Experience 

Josephine Skriver wears a blue plaid bra and panties set, green plaid bolero coat, and green plaid wings during the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.
Gettyimages | Dimitrios Kambouris

 Before she made fans drool by rocking sexy swimwear for Sports Illustrated, Josephine had made a name for herself by strutting down the runway in revealing lingerie during multiple Victoria's Secret fashion shows. She became one of the label's Angels in 2016.

As noted by The Daily Front Row, her impressive resume includes a gig as a Maybelline spokesmodel, and her good looks have also landed her work with a number of high-profile fashion brands. They include Tommy Hilfiger, Gucci, Bulgari, and Michael Kors, to name a few. 

Looking Fabulous In Frills

Josephine Skriver poses in front of pink backdrop in pink satin pajamas set and white lace bra.
Gettyimages | Dimitrios Kambouris

For her 2021 SI Swim photoshoot, Josephine showed off her well-honed posing prowess while rocking a rose petal pink bikini. It was crafted out of soft stretch fabric, and both pieces of the bathing suit were embellished with large ruffles. 

Her top featured underwire that enhanced her perky bust. Its straps were wide and supportive. The frill on her bottoms was long enough to obscure most of the front panel of the garment from view, making the piece look like a tiny skirt. Its waistline dipped daringly low, while the sides rode high on her hips.

A Sacramento Stroll

Josephine Skriver poses on the runway in beaded fringe cape, gold lace underwear, and crystal-encrusted crop top.
Gettyimages | Dimitrios Kambouris

According to the pic's geotag, it was taken in Sacramento, California, somewhere on or near the grounds of the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. Josephine stood in an untamed area where the grass grew tall. Behind her, there were two small bodies of water divided by a thin strip of land. 

Her photo looked like it was taken at sunset, as there was a slight pink tint to the sky. The sun also cast a soft golden glow over the model's perfect figure.  

Golden Beauty With A Heart Of Gold

Josephine Skriver sports white lace mini dress and stands with legs crossed in front of wall of roses.
Gettyimages | Dimitrios Kambouris

Josephine posed in profile, showcasing the flat shape of her taut tummy. The curve of her pert posterior was also on display as she gazed in ahead with a dreamy expression on her face. She touched her dark blond hair with her right hand, and she held a white hat with a blue patterned hatband in her left. 

In a separate Instagram post, MJ Day, the Editor in Chief for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, explained why Josephine was invited to appear in the magazine for her second year in a row. 

"Josephine inspires women, fiercely advocates for the LGBTQ+ community and carries herself like a true professional," MJ wrote. "On top of the fact that she can talk a serious football game and is one of Raiders Nation's most passionate superfans, she is a natural beauty with a heart of gold."