Cindy Prado Channels The Sun In A Bikini With Sleeves

Cindy Prado holds up a camera while rocking an orange bikini top.
Instagram | Cindy Prado
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Cindy Prado offered a little sage advice to those seeking the sun and failing to find it in her latest Instagram share. On Sunday, March 7, the self-described "island girl" uploaded a post that included two photos of her looking radiant in a bikini. The brightly colored bathing suit featured an unusual design with the potential to leave some strange tan lines. 

"If you can’t find the sunshine, be the sunshine," her caption read. 

Keep scrolling to see how the Miami-based bombshell channeled the sun during her recent island getaway. 

Looking Smoking Hot In A Celebrity Hotspot 

Cindy Prado wears a white gown with a cutout on the front and a high side slit.
Instagram | Cindy Prado

While Cindy's caption was about what to do when there's no sunlight to be found, she clearly had no need to worry about a lack of it during her trip to St. Barths. She used her geotag to reveal that her photos were taken on the tropical island, where it's warm and sunny enough to sunbathe.  

It's been a popular place for celebs to jet off to in recent months, with Wonderwall reporting that its list of famous visitors has included Chrissy Teigen, John Legend, Amy Schumer, Paul McCartney, and Sofia Richie.

Soaking Up Some Rays With A Scenic View

Cindy Prado poses in an orange-and-white string bikini in front of a bathtub.
Instagram | Cindy Prado

Cindy's pics were seemingly taken at her villa. She sunbathed outside on a large balcony with a white railing. It overlooked the ocean, beach, and one of the island's green hills, which was covered with more luxury villas and resorts. 

The influencer made use of a day bed with a wicker base and lime green cushions. The back was raised up at angle that would allow a sunbather to comfortably recline, but Cindy was sitting up on the seat. There was a thick magazine on the cushion beside her, and her phone was sitting behind her.

Golden Girl 

Cindy Prado sports a bright pink bikini top with a V-shaped cutout on the neck.
Instagram | Cindy Prado

Cindy had on a sunny yellow bikini from Fashion Nova. Her top had a knotted detail in the center of the bust. The tie shaped the piece's neckline by pulling it down in the middle, which revealed a hint of cleavage. The garment included attached long sleeves. The unusual additions featured an off-the-shoulder design and a skintight fit. 

Her bottoms boasted high legs and a dramatic dip in the front. She accessorized her sexy swimwear with layered necklaces, two of which were gold chains with medallions.  

Adding A Little Shade

Cindy Prado poses on her knees in bed in a white bustier and bikini bottoms with metallic ring hardware.
Instagram | Cindy Prado

Cindy didn't fully embrace the sun. Her summery outfit included a straw hat with a flat brim that protected her eyes and face from the orb's blindingly brilliant light. Part of her body also appeared to be in a shady area, but the sunlight made her toned legs gleam.

She leaned on her right hand and curled her shapely stems out to the side. In her second photo, she was pictured looking down and tugging on her bikini bottoms. 

Her swimsuit color choice proved to be popular with her fans.

"Very nice color on you," read one of her follower's fashion reviews.

"You look really beautiful wearing the happiest color," another commented

"You are my sunshine," a third admirer wrote.