Metallica Metaled Up National Anthem At San Francisco Giants Game [Video]

Metallica played a National Anthem rendition at a recent San Francisco Giants home game that had a distinct heavy metal feel to it. Some people might have been annoyed about that prospect before hearing the version but it turns out to have been quite a hit.

Lead singer and guitarist James Hetfield and lead guitarist Kirk Hammett performed on a night that was set aside to honor the group at “Metallica Night.” In the end, most believe their rendition beats out others who have tried to put their own vocal spins on the grand old song.

The Metallica themed National Anthem was part of a whole bunch of different festivities that centered around the heavy metal band that saw its popularity peak in the 1980’s. Despite being around for several decades, Hetfield and Hammet still have a strong following.

Hetfield and Hammett were both born in and around the Bay area, hence the tribute at the San Francisco Giants game. As part of the festivities, the team even changed up the giant scoreboard pictures of each of their players.

Instead of the standard picture of a player in uniform, the Giants all dressed to the nines in ’80s hair, headbands and of course, Metallica t-shirts.

The night wasn’t all about the rock group getting the plaudits. The event also apparently will go a long way towards helping a couple of charities.

After the opening song was finished, fans were allowed to bid on the two guitars that were used by Hammett and Hetfield. Both rigs were custom made and one of a kind.

The proceeds from those bids are set to be split 50/50 between the San Francisco Giants Community Fund and the Bill Graham Memorial Foundation.

Check out the video of the Metallica front men playing the National Anthem below and tell us if you think anyone could have done it better.