Sara Orrego Smolders In Booty-Baring Lace Teddy

Sara Orrego rocks a blue-and-white bikini top and tilts head down to rest chin on her hand.
Instagram | Sara Orrego
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Sara Orrego never fails to mesmerize with her captivating green eyes in the closeup pics that she posts on Instagram, but her latest share was all about her curvy hips and thighs. In a new video, the 24-year-old Colombian model showed off her beautiful body in semi-sheer lingerie.

In her caption, Sara revealed that the sultry behind-the-scenes footage was part of a "new campaign." She tagged the IG page for the intimate apparel brand La Rue to reveal where she got her sexy boudoir wear. 

Dreamy In White

Sara Orrego winks in a white cropped tank and pink heart-print boy briefs.
Instagram | Sara Orrego

Sara flaunted her sensational figure in a white teddy that fit her like a dream. The delicate garment had sheer mesh sides and a large lace front panel. Its leg openings were cut high and finished with scalloped lace. 

The piece's cups were crafted out of solid fabric that prevented Sara from exposing too much. They had darts and underwire for shaping. The neckline was trimmed with more textured lace. It dipped down in a V that revealed a tease of the model's perky cleavage.


Revealing Rear View

Sara Orrego lies on her stomach in a black bikini.
Instagram | Sara Orrego

The teddy's back scooped down deep to reveal Sara's toned muscles. Down lower, it featured a thong that bared her taut booty. In a previous post, she possibly revealed one of the secrets behind her shapely glutes when she posed at the gym. She was standing in front of a row of stationary bicycles, and she looked like she was preparing to work up a sweat. 

In the video, Sara's curvy hips and toned thighs were on display as well. She accentuated her legs by wearing a pair of beige slide sandals with high flared heels.

Looking Alluring While Ariana Croons

Sara Orrego sports a red ribbed bikini top in front of a red backdrop.
Instagram | Sara Orrego

Sara's video included a slow and sensual soundtrack that matched its seductive vibe: a snippet of "Stuck with U" by Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber. As the song played, she stood in front of tall French doors with glass panes that provided plenty of natural lighting. She tossed her thick brunette curls around with her hands and balanced on one foot with her opposite knee lifted up.

In another shot, she placed her knee on the seat of an accent chair and leaned forward. This scene was filmed from a low side angle that flattered her legs while capturing the curves of her derriere.  

A Flirty Smile For Her Fans

Sara Orrego wears a gray top with a low neckline inside a greenhouse filled with flowers.
Instagram | Sara Orrego

The video concluded after Sara teasingly held her fingers up to her lips and smirked at the camera in a flirty fashion. 

Many of the model's 1.8 million IG followers enjoyed watching her demonstrate her posing skills. They awarded the steamy scenes with over 70,000 likes in less than 24 hours, and they took to the comments section to declare their love for her. She was deemed an "angel" more than once, and one fan offered to serenade her.

"I love you my love," the admirer wrote. "I'm legit again ready to sing my heart out too you baby."

"You really have a sexy body," another fan added.

"NEXT LEVEL BEAUTY," a third message read.