Vale Genta Flaunts Buns In Daisy Dukes & Shows Britney Spears Support

Vale Genta rocks large gold hoop earrings in closeup.
Gettyimages | Gabe Ginsberg

Vale Genta has a thing or two in common with Britney Spears, and she revealed one of the them in her latest Instagram post. The model was pictured rocking an extremely short pair of Daisy Dukes with a crop top, and those who follow Britney on Instagram know that she's also fond of tiny shorts and belly shirts

In her caption, Vale used a hashtag to show her support for the "Free Britney" movement, an online campaign to end the pop star's conservatorship

Revealing A Glimpse Of Her Glutes

Vale Genta takes a selfie in a thong bikini while drenched in orange sunlight.
Instagram | Vale Genta

Vale's photo was taken inside her bedroom, where she modeled an outfit designed by Superdown. She also tagged the Instagram page for the online retailer Revolve to reveal where she got her apparel. 

On her lower half, she rocked a pair of cut-off denim shorts. The leg openings were rolled up, but their frayed hems were still visible. Vale's perky buns peeked out of the bottom of the short Daisy Dukes.

The model stood sideways to better showcase her booty's round shape. The daring length of her cutoffs also elongated her toned legs.

Flaunting Flat Abs

Vale Genta sports an orange bikini.
Instagram | Vale Genta

She coupled her shorts with a light gray cropped tank. The skintight shirt was made out of stretchy ribbed fabric. Its bottom hem hit right below the bust, so a significant amount of Vale's stomach was bare. Her belly looked perfectly flat from the side, and a hint of her sculpted abs could be seen. 

Vale posed with her fingers hooked in the front belt loops of her cutoffs. She arched her back to pop her derriere out a bit more and turned her head to look at the camera. 

Hitting The Gym Hard

Vale Genta raises one arm up while sporting red bikini with scalloped top.
Instagram | Vale Genta

Just like Britney, Vale works hard to maintain her fit figure. In a series of videos shared on her Instagram stories, she was shown sweating it out at the gym. She tagged Los Angeles-based personal trainer Daniel Saltos to reveal that he was responsible for devising her tough workout. 

Vale performed a single-arm cable pull while in a lunge position. Next, she stepped back and forth over a weight bench while keeping one foot planted on it. Her circuit included sets of burpees, leg lifts, and hanging crunches. She also used a four-wheeled ab roller and a vertical climber.

Feeling The Love After Feeling The Burn

Vale Genta sits on her bed in a baggy black dress and boots.
Instagram | Vale Genta

The results of Vale's intense exercise program paid off in the form of over 45,000 likes. Scores of her 1.4 million followers also took to the comments section to let her know that the gym was doing her body good. 

"I wanna look that good in short shorts," wrote one fan.

"Your f**king body is incredible," another chimed in.

"Show it off beautiful you put in the hard work so you might as well," read a third message. 

"Nothing like a gorgeous lady in daisy dukes," a fourth admirer added. "Love the legs."