Holly Sonders Gets Drenched & Has A 'Rave In The Shower'

Holly Sonders licks her lips while holding a golf club.
Gettyimages | Todd Warshaw
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Holly Sonders knows how to keep fans coming back for more. On Thursday, the former Golf Channel host made the workweek a bit more interesting by taking to Instagram to upload a scorching new video of herself in the shower. 

The brunette bombshell looked hotter than ever as she opted to take it all off and expose her rock-hard body in a skimpy underwear set. She got soaked and steamy, getting the party going to the beat of Kage's "Feel Me" and thrilling fans with a seductive "rave in the shower."    

Check out the scorching clip below!

Toying With Her Fans

Holly Sonders poses naked while sitting in a bathtub.
Instagram | Holly Sonders

Holly served up a sexy show of her insane figure as she caressed her curves and shot an alluring stare at the camera. The babe was braless under a flimsy white top, which she pulled up super high on her chest to flash a massive amount of sideboob. 

The smokeshow seemed to thrill fans with a nip slip at the beginning of the clip, which captured her in profile and delivered some tantalizing sideboob. Water poured all over her perky chest, getting her assets thoroughly drenched. Holly's provocative performance can be seen below, so keep scrolling. 

The model alternatively placed her hands on her bosom and shot a smoldering stare at the camera. Steam rose up all around her as she threw her head back and played with her wet locks.



Tight Bod On Show

Holly Sonders leaves nothing to the imagination in a racy micro bikini.
Instagram | Holly Sonders

At one point, the merciless seductress faced the camera and flaunted her ripped abs. Her chiseled midriff was on full display as she grazed her tummy and tugged on her bottoms. She pulled the spaghetti side strap high on her waist, baring her hip in the scanty number. The white panties dipped dangerously low in the front, only covering what was necessary. 

The camera then zoomed out and showcased Holly's voluptuous thighs. The model put one leg in front of the other and touched her hip before she turned around yet again and showed off her bare buns. 

Flaunting Her Pert Booty 

Holly Sonders shows off round backside in a skintight knitted dress.
Instagram | Holly Sonders

Holly highlighted her pert posterior as she opened her thighs and arched her back. She stuck her booty out for the camera, sneaking a peek over her shoulder. Her soaked tresses draped over her lower body, grazing her buttocks and drawing attention to the revealing v-shape design of her thong.  

The NSFW showing of skin seemed to have left quite a few pulses racing among Holly's followers, judging by the gushing messages in the comments section.

"I wish I was a loofah!" wrote one person.

Another fan told the sizzling model she missed a spot and offered to lend her a hand.  

"Suddenly I need a cold shower," quipped a third user.



Thankful To Her Team

Holly Sonders flaunts abs and underboob in crop top and leggings.
Instagram | Holly Sonders

Holly credited the eye-popping video to photographer and filmmaker Roí Allen, who has collaborated with the model in the past.

In her caption, she penned a lengthy message of appreciation to her team, praising the crew's creativity. She expressed her gratitude for working with them, noting they were all "beyond talented."

Her online admirers were quick to recognize Holly's own talent, applauding her "incredible" transformation.

"Beautiful. Hard to believe this is the same Holly from the golf channel," said one user.

"Wow you are so talented you [sic] team does great work but they have a very talented subject to work with I love it," raved another Instagrammer, leaving a trail of flames. "Spartan strong," they added.