Gabriella Abutbol Flaunts Her Curves In Pink Lingerie With Pants Unbuttoned

Gabriella Abutbol sports a white tank top and stares at the camera inside her car.
Instagram | Gabriella Abutbol
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Gabriella Abutbol took to Instagram on Thursday, March 4, to share the results of another alluring lingerie shoot with her online admirers. She teased her 1.8 million followers by leaving some of her outer clothing on to show off her undies. 

In her caption, the model used her popularity as a force for good by offering her fans advice on an array of topics including health, money, relationships, and motivation. However, many of her devotees were content to comment on her curves instead of trying to come up with questions for her. 

Lovely In Lace

Gabriella Abutbol sits on a yoga mat in a white leopard-print sports bra and coordinating leggings.
Instagram | Gabriella Abutbol

Gabriella posed provocatively in a pink bra-and-panties set. Her bra cups appeared to feature thin padding that accentuated her ample bust. Floral lace added a touch of romance to the piece. Its edges were finished with scalloped eyelet lace.

Her coordinating panties boasted smooth sides and a semi-sheer lace panel on the front. The waistband was also trimmed with the delicate fabric. A visible tag and raw side seams were clear indicators that she had the sexy undies on inside out.     

Rocking Denim With Her Delicates

Gabriella Abutbol wears a green tropical-print bikini inside her bedroom.
Instagram | Gabriella Abutbol

Over her panties, Gabriella wore a pair of distressed blue jeans with a button front and small, frayed holes on the legs. She left the buttons completely undone and folded the top of her pants down to expose more of her underwear. The spicy sartorial choice accentuated her hips and helped to better showcase the fitness enthusiast's washboard abs.  

Gabriella's jeans were crafted out of light blue denim that contrasted with her lingerie in an aesthetically pleasing way. The color combo really popped, ensuring that her pics easily attracted the attention of IG users casually scrolling through their feeds. 

Sensual And Smiling

Gabriella Abutbol rocks a leopard-print bra and biker shorts while placing leg up on vanity.
Instagram | Gabriella Abutbol

Gabriella's only visible piece of jewelry was a gold bangle on her left wrist, but it's unlikely that many of her fans noticed her trendy bling. 

She served up a few different looks while posing in a doorway. In her first pic, she leaned forward against a door fame and sensually parted her lips. Her highlighted brunette hair spilled down her chest and back in soft spirals. Next, she leaned back against the fame while giving the camera a coy smirk. 

The third pic captured the model flashing her pearly whites. Her sultry facial expression returned for the final photo.


Gabriella Abutbol sits on a lounger in a green-and-white tie-dye bikini with shoulder straps pulled down.
Instagram | Gabriella Abutbol

While many of the responses to Gabriella's post were comments praising her appearance, she did field a few questions from fans seeking her guidance. A number of them were fitness-related. 

"How to get so motivated and stay fit and on track with body goals ???" wrote one Instagrammer. 

"Once you start getting in the routine of working out & eating healthy it becomes fun rather than a chore," Gabriella responded. "I am motivated to workout so much because I want to be fit, I have the mindset that I can and will make time no matter what. I don’t want to eat crappy, not be toned. I motivate myself because I see my progress and it just makes me want to workout more!"