Gabby Allen Shows Off Chiseled Physique In Tiny Swimsuit

Gabby Allen poses in a black dress.
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Gabby Allen showed off her fit body on Thursday, March 4, when she shared a stunning new post with her 1.1 million Instagram followers. 

The British fitness model, trainer and influencer took to the popular photo-sharing app to upload a new photo in which she wore a stylish swimsuit that put her chiseled physique front and center, and her fans were quick to react. 

The photo featured Allen facing the camera as smiled broadly at the viewer as she held a small bottle of B12 supplements. 

Print Swimsuit

Gabby Allen poses in a black sweatshirt.
Instagram | Gabby Allen

Allen — who is also known for having been on the British reality TV show Love Island — was captured outside as she posed in front of a mirrored building. 

She kicked her hips to one side while opening the other leg in the opposite direction, a pose that enhanced the curves of her lower body. 

Allen rocked a two-piece bathing suit boasting a busy black-and-white print that added some contrast and texture to the garment. The top featured wide triangles that met in the middle.

Short Bob

Gabby Allen poses in a yellow top.
Instagram | Gabby Allen

It included thin strings that stretched over her shoulders, and a low-cut neckline that teased a bit of her cleavage. 

Allen teamed her bra with a pair of matching bottoms with thin string that tied into bows on her sides. She pulled them up high, baring her strong hips and drawing attention to her toned quads. 

Allen wore her blond hair swept over to one side. She styled it in straight strands that formed a short bob, which helped to frame her face. 

B12 Lover

Gabby Allen poses in a teal bikini.
Instagram | Gabby Allen

Allen paired the picture with a lengthy caption in which she discussed the benefits of B12. She shared that supplementing this vitamin helps her keep up her "cognitive performance and physical energy" levels.

The model tagged Farmassis+, a brand of vegan supplements, indicating that her post was a partnership with it. 

Within six hours, the post has garnered more than 10,100 likes and upwards of 60 comments. Her fans took to the comments section to engage with her caption, asking her questions while expressing their admiration for Allen.

Her Fans Have Spoken

Gabby Allen poses in a white workout set.
Instagram | Gabby Allen

"Ur smile makes me smile so much also pls lemme have some of that," one user gushed.

"I am anemic most of the time on iron and get b12 injections, would this oil may be more beneficial? I’d love info please," asked another user.

"So love your content it is very interesting and it always will be," a third fan chimed in.

"Aww ur super cute and beautiful Gabby! U have the best beauty ever and I luv the way u look :) ur such a sweetheart and I adore u so much!!" added a fourth fan.