Spoilers For Thursday's 'General Hospital': Franco's Concerned As He Pulls Away From Elizabeth

Franco's steady with Elizabeth on 'General Hospital'
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During Thursday's episode of General Hospital, spoilers indicate that viewers will see more of Franco and Elizabeth. He's determined to distance himself from his wife and family out of concerns that he could be a danger to him. She, however, has been resistant to this.

The General Hospital sneak peek shared via Twitter provides a sense of what's ahead.

"If I'm a potential threat to him then I'm a potential threat to you," Franco will tell Elizabeth as she looks as him incredulously.

Franco's Looking At The Bigger Picture

Roger Howarth as Franco on 'General Hospital'
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It seems likely that the "him" referenced here is Peter. Franco and Elizabeth decided not to attend the double wedding after Peter's feature in The Invader. The wedding has fallen apart, but they probably aren't aware of that yet.

Regardless, it's clear that Peter has issues with Franco. Elizabeth and Franco may not understand the issues yet, but Franco is likely wise to be concerned regarding what might come next.

Elizabeth may resist, but Franco clearly feels he needs to protect his family.

Franco Wants To Keep His Family Safe

Franco comforts Elizabeth on 'General Hospital'
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Franco had already been talking about staying somewhere else after the unfortunate and explosive moment with Cameron. He's worried about what else he might do and he cannot live with the possibility that he might hurt Elizabeth or one of the boys.

Now, if he's realizing that Peter is a true threat to the family, he'll likely be all the more determined to ensure his family is protected. Could this prompt him to stay closer to them rather than pull away and live elsewhere?

Franco Makes A Discovery

Elizabeth and Franco at General Hospital
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According to General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps, Franco will make a discovery during Thursday's episode. Given the snippet shown of Franco and Elizabeth in the preview for the March 4 show, it seems quite likely the discovery is about Peter.

At this point, Franco knows he's been hearing Peter's voice in his head. He's also determined that this seems to be connected to memories that Drew used to have. However, he doesn't understand how significant this development is to Peter.

Peter's A Threat To Franco

Wes Ramsey as Peter on 'General Hospital'
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Given how this week has played out for Peter, Franco may not be all that much a threat any longer. Just as Peter and Maxie were starting to go ahead with the wedding, Valentin stepped up.

Will Valentin spill the secrets he knows about Peter? General Hospital fans certainly hope so.

If Peter is exposed by Valentin, he may not need to worry about Drew's memories. General Hospital spoilers promise major developments with Thursday's show and viewers will not want to miss it.