Victoria's Secret Model Frida Aasen Does A Handstand In Yellow Bikini Bottoms

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Manuella Libardi

Frida Aasen sent temperatures soaring on Wednesday, March 3, when she shared a new post with her 755,000 Instagram followers. The Victoria's Secret model took to her page to share a photo where she showed off her flexibility while wearing a pair of bikini bottoms that highlighted her long, lean legs. 

The Norwegian beauty was photographed doing a handstand at a beach location, placing her hands on the grass as she kicked up her feet, using the trunk of a palm tree for support.

Beach Babe

The background featured a strip of the light turquoise water of the sea, which contrasted with the bright green grass. The bright sunlight reflected on Aasen's bronzed skin.

Aasen was shot from a three-quarter angle and framed from the right, capturing the long lines of her body. She arched her back deeply, keeping one leg outstretched against the tree and bending the other, resting her toes on the trunk.

Her arms were firmly on the ground, with one of them blocking her face. 


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Yellow Bikini

Aasen had on a pair of bikini bottoms that put her slim lower body on display. The garment featured medium straps that ruched along a middle elastic. The model pulled them up high on her sides, baring her hips. The front sat low, exposing the model's tight lower stomach. 

On her torso, Aasen wore a yellow shirt with long sleeves — one of which was blue. It also included pink details along the hemline, which tied into a bow on the front. 

'Be Happy'

According to the tag, her ensemble was courtesy of Solid & Striped, a popular brand of beachwear. 

Aasen wore her blond har loose, allowing her straight strands to fall toward the grass. 

Aasen kept it simple in the caption, using the space to encourage her fans to look for happiness everywhere and simply "be happy."

The post proved to be an immediate hit with her fans. Within just one hour after being published, it garnered more than 7,000 likes and upward of 35 comments. 

Her Admirers Have Spoken

Many of her followers used the comments section space to remark on Aasen's incredible body and to engage with her message. Many others simply used the occasion to express their overall admiration for the model.

"Love the shirt," one of her fans noted.

"You should be happy no matter if that's all you have," replied another fan.

"Keep on going, oh yaaa!" a third fan chimed in.

"[The key]: make your life indestructible," added a fourth fan, using a key emoji in place of the word.