Lauren Dascalo Flaunts Peachy Booty In Gray Thong

Lauren Dascalo takes a selfie.
Instagram | Lauren Dascalo
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American bombshell Lauren Dascalo displayed her gym-honed body in her latest Instagram share. The 23-year-old internet sensation took to the social media platform on Tuesday, March 2, to treat her 1.1 million followers to a tantalizing new video that was taken indoors. Thousands of her admirers went crazy over seeing her perky booty and ample assets. Many flocked to the comments section and pointed out how sexy and beautiful she looked. As of publishing, the clip gained over 12,700 likes and over 270 messages.

Busty Babe

Lauren Dascalo wears a teal lingerie set.
Instagram | Lauren Dascalo

The blond bombshell rocked a dark gray bra-and-panties combo that showed off her perky assets. The bra boasted padded triangle-style cups that barely contained her plump bust and a deep neckline that flaunted a tremendous amount of her killer cleavage. Her sideboob was noticeable from certain angles as the garment was cut too small. The stretchable band that hugged her midriff was white with black lines, and it provided support for her breasts, as well as the thin straps that went over her shoulders.

She's Not Afraid To Bare It All

Lauren Dascalo wears a yellow tie-dye thong bikini.
Instagram | Lauren Dascalo

The matching panties that she sported featured a high-rise design. Like the upper undergarment, the thong had a thick waistband that hugged her waist, highlighting her taut tummy and lean abs. Its high leg cuts showed a tantalizing display, as it exposed plenty of skin around her groin area.

Lauren also wore a pair of thigh-high stockings in white with two black stripes on the uppermost part of the garment. It covered from her uppermost thighs down to her legs and possibly feet.

She completed her look by wearing a pair of white socks and sneakers. Furthermore, she sported a matching cap over her head.

Flaunting Her Gym-Honed Physique

Lauren Dascalo rocks a printed light green bikini.
Instagram | Lauren Dascalo

At the beginning of the reel, Lauren could be seen indoors in the scanty ensemble. She stood in the middle of the frame with her back facing the camera. She swayed her hips from side to side while holding onto her thong. She then grabbed her locks and flipped the long strands.

The next part showed Lauren changing her stance. She stood sideways with one knee bent as she tugged on her undies. She pulled the waistband upward to expose more skin to the delight of her fans.

She's Cheeky

Lauren Dascalo wears a dark gray underwear set and white stockings with black stripes.
Instagram | Lauren Dascalo

The videographer moved several steps back to show more of Lauren's body. The babe posed with her booty directed at the camera while looking over her shoulder, smiling brightly.

She then turned around and crossed her legs as she teased her viewers by playing with her thong.

"You are so perfect!!! You look so amazing. Makes me want to subscribe to your site," a fan wrote.

"Oh, wow! Too sexy!!! You are bringing so much heat, I can't handle," commented another follower.

"You are so beautiful!! I am in awe of your beauty," added a third admirer.