Wednesday's 'General Hospital' Spoilers: Obrecht's Wedding Crashing Causes An Uproar

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This week has been a wild one on General Hospital and spoilers tease there's more chaos ahead. One scheme to stop Maxie from marrying Peter failed, but now Obrecht's getting involved.

Heading into Tuesday's episode of General Hospital, viewers knew that Peter had been kidnapped. It seemed likely that Valentin and Anna orchestrated this, and that was the case. 

Unfortunately, the plan quickly went awry. Dante heard someone kicking and screaming from behind a locked door, and he ended up rescuing Peter.

Peter Was Ready To Wed Maxie

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Peter rushed to Maxie's side and explained what he could about his disappearance. As much as Anna and Valentin wanted to see these nuptials canceled or postponed, Peter insisted they move ahead.

From there, the wedding started to progress. Right at the end of Tuesday's General Hospital, however, Obrecht burst into the venue. 

General Hospital spoilers teased that there would be an uninvited guest show up at the event this week. Viewers figured that would be Obrecht, and indeed, that was the case.

Obrecht Objects

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The General Hospital preview for March 3 reveals that Obrecht will turn these nuptials upside down.  

Maxie resisted Obrect's efforts when they crossed paths by Nathan's gravesite. Now, however, Obrecht will use the big secret she uncovered to destroy the wedding.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Lucy will face a surprise. It seems that this comes from Obrecht.

Obrecht will note that Lucy is supposed to ask if anybody objects. Everybody there surely will be on pins and needles wondering what Obrecht plans to do next.

Maxie Has Questions

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Nobody there knows what Obrecht learned about Peter, but they're apparently about to find out.

General Hospital spoilers detail that Maxie will have at least two big questions. It seems she will notice that Dante doesn't seem particularly surprised to see Obrecht there, and she will wonder why that is.

It seems as if Obrecht will drop the bombshell that Alex is Peter's biological mother, not Anna. Maxie will ask whether that's true, and this tidbit will cause a great deal of chaos.

Anna Faces Intense Blowback

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Soap Central teases that Peter will demand the truth from Anna. He won't be the only one, since Anna kept this tidbit hidden for months. Nobody knew about the package sent from Hungary to Peter until Obrecht found it and she's using that to her advantage. 

Of course, Peter and Maxie won't be the only people at the wedding who have questions. General Hospital viewers will see some major confrontations during the next episode and there's additional drama coming in the days ahead.