Bri Teresi Gets Down To Her Knees In Barely There Bikini

Bri Teresi wears a purple dress.
Gettyimages | Tommaso Boddi
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Bri Teresi gave her 1.2 million Instagram followers something to look at on Monday, March 1, with her most recent post. The American Maxim model took to the popular social media platform to upload a racy video in which she got down to her knees while clad in a barely there bikini that left little to the imagination. 

Teresi was captured at a beach as she posed on the edge of the ocean while showing off her modeling skills for the camera. 

Behind The Scenes

Bri Teresi wears a nude top and drinks white wine.
Instagram | Bri Teresi

Teresi posed in the sand, allowing the ocean waves to wash over her lower body. She was shot from a three-quarter angle as she faced the sea, capturing her from the right and putting her booty front and center. 

Teresi arched her back deeply, driving her derriere back and pushing her chest forward. 

In the beginning of the video, Teresi had her hands on her knees. She then moved one arm back, placing it in the sand as she leaned her torso back.

Barely There Bikini

Bri Teresi wears a black bikini in a hot tub.
Instagram | Bri Teresi

Teresi had on a minuscule two-piece bathing suit that did a whole lot more showing than covering. It featured a top with itty-bitty triangles that showed off quite a lot of sideboob. Thin black strings tied behind her neck and around her back. 

On her lower body, she sported a pair of matching bottoms that were equally skimpy. They featured thin strings that tied into bows, which Teresi pulled up high on her sides. This bared her curvy hips and drew attention to her toned thighs.

'Devil Eyes'

Bri Teresi wears a plunging black cardigan.
Instagram | Bri Teresi

Despite being in the water, Teresi's hair was dry and flew back as she moved her head. Her blond highlighted strands were loose and brushed back.

Teresi added the song "Devil Eyes" by Hippie Sabotage in the background, as noted via the tag.

In the caption, Teresi teased that "bikini weather" is here, sharing that the video was a behind-the-scenes clip from a recent photo shoot. She also used the space to credit Miami photographer Luiz Quezada

Teresi's fans were quick to react to the post. 

Quick Hit With Fans

Bri Teresi wears a red crop top and white golf skirt.
Instagram | Bri Teresi

Within the first hour, the video garnered more than 2,000 likes and upward of 55 comments. 

"Beautiful mermaid," one of her fans wrote, pairing the comment with a heart-eyes emoji.

"How can you not like this sexy sexy sexy sexy woman on the beach with the perfect body," replied another user.

"You’re such a gorgeous goddess," added a third one, trailing the words with heart-eyes and fire emoji.

"So stunning I have no words to say, you make me speechless," chimed in a fourth admirer.