Tuesday's 'General Hospital' Spoilers: Peter's Missing And There Are Plenty Of Suspects

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General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday's show tease that there will be quite a bit of chaos breaking out at the double wedding. Peter has gone missing, and there are plenty of people who could have been behind his disappearance.

There are not many people who are excited to see Maxie marry Peter. Anna and Valentin are conspiring to stop it, and Obrecht begged Maxie to call it quits. Dante, Spinelli, Robert, and Jason are all tied to this in one way or another too.

Maxie Remains Determined

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Maxie caused worries when she was missing ahead of the wedding. She visited Nathan's grave and got into an argument with Obrecht.

Despite Obrecht's pleas, Maxie insisted she would marry Peter. She made it to the venue, and both Finn and Anna were there.  

However, they then discovered Peter was missing. The General Hospital sneak peek shared via Twitter hinted that there are some dramatic twists and turns in the days ahead. Now, it seems much of that will involve Peter.

Anna's Desperate

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The General Hospital preview for Tuesday's episode reveals that Robert will tell someone he wishes he had thought of this bold move. 

As General Hospital viewers know, Robert and Spinelli conspired together regarding Peter in the past. Not only that, but Peter did force Spinelli to back out of attending the event. 

However, it seems virtually guaranteed there's another pair behind this. 

Ahead of this development, Anna put the plan she created with Valentin into motion. Chances seem quite good their plan involves this kidnapping.

Jason Could Be A Suspect Too

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Another possibility regarding the person responsible could involve Jason. He had an intense discussion with Franco and Elizabeth at their house and received some disturbing updates. 

Jason told Elizabeth and Franco what he needed them to do, and said he'd be taking care of what he could.

Could Jason be the one who snuck up on Peter, or ordered one of his men to do it? It does seem possible, but most General Hospital fans suspect it's Valentin and Anna who were responsible.

Dante Isn't Far Away

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General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps note that Dante will stumble upon a crime as it happens. If he sees Peter's kidnapping, he apparently won't intervene. 

Jordan and Curtis will try to find answers, and Maxie will be worried.

The General Hospital preview revealed that Peter would end up unconscious on a concrete floor with his hands bound and mouth covered.

Later this week, General Hospital spoilers reveal that Valentin will have contact with Peter again. Peter's fate will be determined soon and viewers cannot wait.