Amanda Cerny Shows Sandy Love In Bikini With Legs Apart

Amanda Cerny smiling in front of a green backdrop.
Gettyimages | Matt Winkelmeyer
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Amanda Cerny spread a little love on her followers' Instagram feeds by sharing a photo of herself with her legs spread apart. Over the weekend, the 29-year-old Playboy Playmate took to the social media platform to treat her adoring fans to a new bikini pic. The snapshot was taken during a nighttime visit to a beach, where she got down in the sand to show off her artistic side.

Her post also included a brief retelling of an encounter she had with a fan who paid her a questionable compliment.   

Gorgeous In Green And White

Amanda Cerny stands in front of a colorful backdrop in a red gown with a plunging neckline.
Gettyimages | Matt Winkelmeyer

For her seaside visit, Amanda wore a string bikini with a tropical print. Its base color was white, but it was mostly green due to the depictions of palm fronds that covered it. Her top's deep neckline showcased her busty chest, which was giving off a subtle golden glow under the camera's bright flash. 

Over her bathing suit, the model wore a white lace cover-up that stood out against her deep tan. The sheer garment was crafted out of intricate embroidered lace fabric. It had an open front and wide three-quarter length sleeves.  

Making Art In More Ways Than One

Amanda Cerny takes a selfie in the kitchen in a sparkly apron.
Instagram | Amanda Cerny

While Amanda's photographer snapped her pic, she was busy making her own work of art. She sat in the sand with her long, shapely legs spread wide apart. Sand clung to the sides of her toned calves, and it coated the bottoms of her bare feet. 

Between her legs, she was using a finger to draw a large heart in the sugary sand. She was in the process of making a squiggly design down its center when her photo was taken. 

Her brunette hair was arranged so that it was all in front of her left shoulder. The wind was gently lifting a few pieces of it up.  

Laughing Off A Weight Comment

Amanda Cerny wears a black sports bra and red pajama pants in her living room.
Instagram | Amanda Cerny

It's no secret that fitness is important to Amanda. She works hard to stay in shape, and those who follow the influencer probably haven't noticed much of a fluctuation in her weight. However, she revealed that a fan recently committed a societal sin by commenting on what they believed was a change in her size. The stranger seemingly had good intentions, but their compliment implied that Amanda had to drop a lot of pounds to look good.

"Someone came up to me last night and told me I look great! And that I lost a TON of weight," she recounted. 

Luckily, the model was later able to laugh about the remark, as evidenced by the pair of laughing crying emoji that she included in her caption.

Loving And Supportive Fans

Amanda Cerny sports a black dress with sheer panels and an open front.
Gettyimages | Anthony Harvey

Many of Amanda's followers were confused by her encounter. Some of them suggested that the stranger mistook her for someone else, and they expressed shock that anyone would make such a comment about her weight. 

"Ok, I guess they didn’t know you!" read one response to her post.

"So Cute, that person was either drunk or high cause they got the wrong Amanda," another fan wrote. 

"I agree with 1 of those- you look great!! Never thought you were overweight???" a third chimed in.

Her artwork also got a little love. 

"If I meet up with future bae for a night beach walk, but she isn’t looking at me like this while sketching a heart when I show up, then she’s not the one and her 2021 tryouts are over," read a fourth message.