WWE News: Hall Of Famer Says Vince McMahon Is An 'A**hole' Who Disrespected Him

Jake “The Snake” Roberts’ addiction issues have been well-documented throughout the years, and his ability to overcome them has been as well. However, the darker moments of his life were arguably exploited by WWE officials for the sake of entertainment in the 1990s, back when Roberts was still a full-time member of the roster. 

In a recent interview with Inside the Ropes, the Hall of Famer recalled the storyline which saw Jerry “The King” Lawler pour a bottle of whiskey down his throat at SummerSlam 1996.

Roberts Felt Uncomfortable At The Time

Jake Roberts screams

Roberts revealed that he’s still unhappy with Lawler and Vince McMahon about the segment. According to the Hall of Famer, the storyline wasn’t beneficial to anyone involved. Furthermore, he said that the decision to press ahead with the controversial program said more about the other people involved than it did about him.

“Well, I thought it was a horrible thing for McMahon to ask me to do. It was cheap, it was disrespectful, it didn’t prove a damn thing other than the fact that Vince McMahon’s an a**hole, so there you go. Lawler, he’s in the same boat. Both a**holes.”

Roberts Regrets The Angle

Jake Roberts carries his snake with both hands

The legendary wrestling personality has been open about his frustrations regarding the storyline in the past. As documented by WrestleZone last year, Roberts called the segment “ridiculous” and talked about his regrets over agreeing to it in the first place. 

The Hall of Famer said that he didn’t turn down many ideas during his career, but that’s one he wishes that he spoke out against having his personal demons broadcast on television. Of course, he isn’t the only wrestler to have their addiction issues incorporated into a creative program. 

WWE Has A Tendency To Create Discomfort

Jeff Hardy throws urine in Sheamus' face

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Jeff Hardy’s battles with addiction were central to his feud with Sheamus in 2020. Hardy revealed that revisiting that period of his life made him feel uncomfortable, but he stated that he put up with the painful memories because he knew the outcome of the feud would be worth it.

Sheamus and Hardy eventually settled their beef in a bar fight. While some fans and pundits criticized the match for being too on the nose and disrespectful, Hardy said that he had a lot of fun creating the cinematic brawl.

Roberts Is In A Better Place Nowadays 

Jake Roberts smiles

Roberts made his AEW debut last year, and he has since become Lance Archer’s manager on television. He was originally hired for a short program, but company officials were so impressed with his impact that they offered him a full-time contract shortly after his first appearance.

In the interview with Inside the Ropes, Roberts revealed that he has plenty of knowledge and wisdom to share with the AEW locker room, and he’s enjoying his current role with the upstart promotion. He is also in a healthy place these days, though it's evident that he hasn't forgotten about past incidents.