WWE News: Rob Van Dam Is Open To Returning To Company For Final Run

Rob Van Dam might be edging closer to retirement, but the former WWE superstar has one last run left in him. In a recent interview with That ‘90s Wrestling Podcast, by way of Inside the Ropes, the Whole F’n Show talked about being open to returning to his old stomping grounds if the opportunity  ever presents itself. 

RVD is currently a free agent as his deal with Impact Wrestling recently expired in 2020. That opens the door for a potential WWE comeback, but he assured fans that they shouldn’t hold their breath.

RVD Is Open To Offers

Rob Van Dam frog splash

During the conversation, RVD revealed that he’s willing to listen to any offers that come his way. However, he stated that he’d only consider a part-time schedule now that he’s in his twilight years as an active in-ring performer.

“I don’t have anything planned, let me put it that way, there’s nothing on the agenda, I wouldn’t rule anything out, except ya know like I said, I wouldn’t go back out on the road full-time, we can go ahead and rule that out.”

RVD On A Hall Of Fame Induction

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Given that he was one of the most popular stars of the Attitude Era, as well as an ECW stalwart, it’s inevitable that RVD will receive a Hall of Fame induction down the line. In a separate report from Inside the Ropes, it was noted that RVD wants Paul Heyman to induct him on the night.

“On the real, Paul is the only producer/agent that’s ever had my best interests at heart and understood me, you know and because of that, ya know it has to be him as predictable as it is.”

RVD Has WWE Projects In The Works

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While it remains to be seen if RVD will get one last run in a WWE ring, he is at least working with the promotion in other capacities. He talked about working on a documentary and a potential book during the interview with That ‘90s Wrestling Podcast, revealing that he’ll be shooting some footage in the coming weeks. 

As The Inquisitr previously documented, these projects have been in the works since last year. However, as the report pointed out, RVD’s name hasn’t been discussed among officials to be brought back as a performer, possibly due to him suffering from a vision impairment. 

Nothing Is Impossible In WWE

RVD celebrates with WWE title

While he's been cleared to compete for other promotions in recent years, WWE has strict protocols when it comes to superstars with health issues. Of course, RVD has proven that he’s more than capable of performing at a high level, and nothing seems impossible.

Edge and Christian both made unexpected returns after being deemed unfit to compete as recently as two years ago, so fans can still be optimistic about potentially seeing RVD lace up his boots in WWE again.