Isabella Buscemi Smolders In Neon Orange Bikini While Standing In The Snow

Isabella Buscemi wears a purple bikini top.
Instagram | Isabella Buscemi
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Cuban-Italian hottie Isabella Buscemi is showing off her insane curves again in another bikini set. Instead of her usual sunny Miami setting, she was in a different state with cold temperatures. Isabella took to her Instagram page on Sunday, February 28, and shared the racy new picture.

Instead of fully covering herself in a snowsuit, the model shared a photo of herself sporting nothing but an unbuttoned jacket, a neon bikini, and boots while enjoying the snow. She didn't share the location. However, the views revealed she was in a skiing area.

Snow Bunny

Isabella Buscemi wears a white bikini set and fluffy winter boots.
Instagram | Isabella Buscemi

The photo captured the influencer getting snowed outside the balcony. Isabella posed in the middle of the frame with her legs parted. She had her arms spread, letting the sleeves of her jacket hang on her forearms. The babe looked upward and smiled. She appeared blissful while snowflakes hit her body.

The day had typical snowy weather with the sky filled with clouds, and the place looked bright. Isabella's flawlessly tanned skin appeared glowing in the snapshot. The slopes and trees filled the background of the photo.

Flashing Her Flawless Tan

Isabella Buscemi wears a semi-sheer black underwear set.
Instagram | Isabella Buscemi

Isabella looked smoking hot as she worked the camera in a skimpy neon orange bikini that complimented her fabulous tan. The bathing suit included a bandeau-style top that fell low on her chest, offering her fans a hint at her toned arms and shoulders. It fit snugly around her breasts and featured a sexy bow-like appearance with ruched cups that teased a glimpse of her cleavage -- giving the look even more of a seductive vibe. The straps were so thin that they were hardly visible.

More Skin, The Better

Isabella Buscemi wears a nude-colored thong.
Instagram | Isabella Buscemi

On her lower half, the 23-year-old rocked the matching bikini bottoms. The skimpy thong covered up only what was necessary, leaving her lean thighs and slender hips well on display for her viewers to admire. The thin stringy waistband clung over her hip bone, drawing attention to her trim waist, taut tummy, and enviable abs.

Isabella was wearing a pair of white boots that had fluffy leg warmers that hit high up on her calves, protecting some parts of her skin from the bitter cold.

Viewers Couldn't Get Enough

Isabella Buscemi wears a cream jacket, neon orange bikini, and white winter boots.
Instagram | Isabella Buscemi

Isabella wore her favorite accessories and had her long hair styled in loose waves.

She dropped a snowflake emoji in the caption.

Unsurprisingly, the heart-stopping update was an instant hit with the model's fans. The steamy post earned more than 53,900 likes as well as over 860 comments within 24 hours of going live to the social media platform. Many of her online audience flocked to the comments section of the post to compliment her good looks and sculpted body.

"WOW! What a great body," gushed an admirer.

"You are going to melt the snow. You are so HOT!" quipped another fan.