Kristen Hancher Smolders In Cutout Swimsuit: 'I Almost Fell Off This Rock To My Death'

Kristen Hancher wearing gold necklaces in front of colorful backdrop
Gettyimages | Matt Winkelmeyer
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Canadian social media influencer Kristen Hancher put her life at risk to create some tantalizing new content for her 5.4 million Instagram followers to fawn over. Her latest share was a sexy swimsuit photo that showed her rocking a revealing one-piece while posing in a dark and rocky setting. In her caption, she revealed that she had an extremely difficult time getting into position without dying. 

"I almost fell off this rock to my death for this damn photo," the model wrote in her caption.

A Precarious Perch

Kristen Hancher wearing a short red bandage dress
Gettyimages | Alberto E. Rodriguez

The 21-year-old social media star was sitting on top of a massive boulder in a location that looked a bit damp. She placed the splayed toes of her bare left foot on top of a smaller slab of rock that was leaning against her craggy chair. Her right foot was pointed with her toes pressed against the hard ground.  A steep wall of similar rock formed the backdrop of her shot. 

Kristen leaned back and placed her left hand on the stony surface behind her. 

Rocking The Animal-Print Trend

Kristen Hancher wearing a blush sheer mermaid gown with silver sequins
Gettyimages | Matt Winkelmeyer

Kristen posed like a pro, making it impossible to tell that she'd had a brush with the Grim Reaper shortly before her photo was taken. She looked radiant and relaxed while rocking a zebra-print swimsuit. The garment featured spaghetti straps and a low, straight neckline that exposed a hint of cleavage. One large cutout on the front also bared an eye-popping amount of underboob. A second opening left her navel and a swath of her toned stomach exposed. 

Pigtails For A Playful Touch

Kristen Hancher wearing a sparkly blue crop top and layered skirt
Gettyimages | Charley Gallay

The bathing suit's bold black-and-white pattern popped against Kristen's deep tan. The print's wavy lines were vertical for an elongating effect. However, her lissome legs didn't need stripes to look like they belonged to a supermodel. 

The beauty influencer often experiments with her hair. For her latest pic, opted for a fun and flirty style that was a bit wild, just like her skimpy outfit. She wore her long, blond tresses pulled up in high pigtails, leaving shorter tendrils to hang down on each side of her face. Her mane looked a bit messy and untamed. 

Worth The Risk

Kristen Hancher wearing a black dress with sheer side panels and front opening exposing red bra
Gettyimages | Tasia Wells

Kristen was once massively popular on TikTok, where she had a following of almost 25 million fans. She was banned for a promotional post, so now the multi-talented internet personality often uses Instagram to share content with her online audience. 

Her swimsuit snap racked up over 75,000 likes and an outpouring of compliments in the comments section. A few fans assured her that risking her life was worth the resulting photo.

"*Explodes rock with dynamite* damn rock had it comin!!" wrote one fan. 

"Totally worth it," read a response to her caption. 

"Thank God you didn't. Lovely photo," a third admirer commented.