Donald Trump's CPAC Appearance Is 'A Sign Of Weakness,' Former Adviser Says

Former President Donald Trump speaks to someone off camera.
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Donald Trump

A Saturday report from The New York Times spotlights comments from Donald Trump's former adviser, who believes that his slated Sunday speech at the 2021 Conservative Political Action Conference is a "sign of weakness."

Notably, Sam Nunberg, who was Trump's 2016 campaign adviser, suggested that the real estate mogul should have taken more time away from the spotlight.

“The reality is that speaking at CPAC so soon after becoming only the 10th president to lose re-election is a sign of weakness,” he said.

Trump Might Be Trying To Maintain His Grip On The GOP

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According to Nunberg, Trump's decision to inject himself into the public eye so soon is to ensure that he continues to have power over the Republican Party.

“In 2013 and 2014, Mr. Trump wanted ‘to be part of the action,’” he said.

Afterward, Nunberg claimed that Trump is trying to "be part of the action" to maintain his "precarious grip as the leading contender."

The New York Times noted that Trump has used high-profile news stories — such as the death of Rush Limbaugh — to inject himself into the public narrative.

Trump Might Use His Speech For Revenge Against Republican Foes

Former President Donald Trump claps in front of an American flag.
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Trump has allegedly been holding revenge meetings at Mar-a-Lago, and some believe he might use his CPAC speech to take aim at Republicans who have betrayed him. 

According to former George W. Bush staffer Karl Rove, Trump should any impulse to do so.

“Mr. Trump took this approach in his disastrous campaign stop the night before the Jan. 5 Georgia Senate runoffs,” he said.

“If he repeats it at CPAC, he’ll be speaking to the shrinking share of the electorate that believes his every claim.”

Trump Will Reportedly Assert Control Over GOP

Former President Donald Trump in a meeting.
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A previous report from Axios suggested that Trump will use his CPAC speech to "claim total control" of the GOP. According to the publication, a close Trump adviser suggested that the speech will be used to show his dominance to other Republicans in the party — despite his lack of social media presence or executive power.

As The Inquisitr reported, Trump has allegedly been plotting his next moves at Mar-A-Lago. Previous reporting suggested that the real estate mogul has met with former campaign staffers Dave Bossie and Corey Lewandowski.

Trump Might Nod To A Possible 2024 Run

Former President Donald Trump stares off camera.
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Amid months of speculation around a possible 2024 presidential run, Trump's speech might reference his future plans for the White House.

As reported by CTV News, Matt Schlapp, chairman of the American Conservative Union — the host of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) — said that Trump will likely suggest that a 2024 run is a "very viable possibility."

Trump has allegedly told aides in private that he is considering a 2024 run. According to the publication, another run for office would stifle the other GOP hopefuls who appear to be prepping for presidential bids.