Mariana Morais & Lauren Dascalo Rock Thong Bodysuits For Refrigerator Raid

Mariana Morais covers her chest with her hair
Instagram | Mariana Morais
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Mariana Morais and Lauren Dascalo served up a double dose of peachy buns in a new video. Mariana shared the titillating visual treat with her 891,000 Instagram followers on Friday, February 26. The saucy footage showed the two models showing off their sculpted bodies while snacking on some nutty treats. 

Both content creators have gained huge online followings due to the sexy images and videos that they share, so a collaboration featuring the tantalizing twosome was naturally a social media sensation. Keep scrolling to check it out.  

Displaying Their Derrieres 

Mariana Morais sitting on the floor wearing a dark polka-dot crop top and ripped jeans
Instagram | Mariana Morais

Mariana and Lauren likely left viewers drooling with their wardrobe choices: a pair of racy bodysuits that left little of their pert posteriors to the imagination. The former opted for a black onesie with long sleeves and high-cut sides that dramatically accentuated her gym-honed legs by extending all the way up to her waist. However, it was the thong back that really demanded her fans' attention.  

Lauren's bodysuit boasted an identical design, but it was light gray. Both models also rocked similar hairstyles, wearing their long, blond manes curled.

Craving Something Nutty

Mariana Morais wearing a green one-shoulder bikini
Instagram | Mariana Morais

The camera was positioned behind the two women, who were standing in front of a refrigerator. Lauren opened it and immediately grabbed a jar of peanut butter, while Mariana opted for a carton of almond milk. As the Clubhouse member reached for the nutty beverage, she teasingly bounced up and down to make her tight glutes jiggle. 

After opening the jar of peanut butter, Lauren stuck a finger inside of it and suggestively licked the thick substance off her digit. Meanwhile, Mariana guzzled her nut milk.   

Sexy Snacking

Lauren Dascalo wearing a strapless white lace bra and panties
Instagram | Lauren Dascalo

The blond bombshells kept their snack time brief. After having one lick of the PB, Lauren put the jar away. Mariana spent a little more time gulping down the almond milk before placing it back inside the refrigerator. When the camera moved back, it revealed that Mariana had on a pair of white Nike ankle socks. Lauren was barefoot and standing on her toes to look a bit taller. She also bounced a bit to draw more attention to her perky backside.

Leaving Them Hungry For More

Lauren Dascalo wearing a black bikini in front of a hot tub
Instagram | Lauren Dascalo

The musical accompaniment that Mariana chose for the footage of her and Lauren's flirty feast was "How You Like That" by BLACKPINK. In her caption, she asked her fans whether they prefer almond milk or peanut butter, but most responses to the post were comments about how amazing the two pals looked. Viewers also showed the women just how much they liked the clip by double-tapping it over 15,000 times in two hours.


"Two smoking hot señoritas," another wrote.

"They both go well together why not make a shake?" suggested a third fan.