Dana Brooke Suns Her Buns In Sultry Thong Bikini

Dana Brooke makes her ring entrance.

Dana Brooke took to Instagram this week and treated her 1.1 million followers to a couple of bikini snaps, much to their delight. She also added a cheeky caption that entertained her many admirers on the image-sharing platform. 

The WWE superstar put on a bootylicious display as she flaunted her physique for her adoring fans, and they certainly didn’t complain about the blond bombshell’s scanty outfit.

Her boyfriend also joined her for the occasion, though he wasn’t physically present in any of the snaps.

Sunning The Buns

Dana Brooke poses in a bikini.
Instagram | Dana Brooke

Both of Brooke’s photos saw her rocking a snake-print thong bikini that exposed her sun-kissed figure. She also paired the sultry swimming attire with a groovy bandana and black shades.

In the first pic, Brooke sat on the ledge of a boat and stared into the distance. The shot showcased her derriere and some cleavage, and the lush blue water in the background added some scenic beauty to the imagery. 

The second upload featured Brooke as she sunbathed and stared up at the sky, revealing her toned abs and enviable legs in the process. 


Dana Brooke poses for a selfie

In the accompanying caption, Brooke revealed that she’s a "goddess" during the day and a devil when the sun goes down. She emphasized this point through the use of purple devilish emoji.

The wrestler also credited Ulysses Diaz for taking the pictures. The professional fighter isn’t known for his photography skills, but Brooke revealed that she was a fan of her boyfriend's work in that department.

Judging by the response to the snaps from her fans, it was clear that Brooke wasn’t the only person who was grateful for Diaz and his camera.

Fan Favorite


Dana Brooke sunbathing
Instagram | Dana Brooke

Brooke’s fans really appreciated the snaps. At the time of this writing, the uploads have gained over 34,000 likes and an abundance of comments of the complimentary variety. 

“You and that water look beautiful,” one follower wrote, emphasizing the comment with a love heart emoji.

“God's greatest creation,” wrote a second fan, who added a winking face emoji in an effort to flirt with the WWE superstar.

“The most beautiful woman in WWE,” a third admirer gushed. 

The above sentiment was echoed by other people in the replies.

Staying Positive


Dana Brooke poses on the ring apron.

Brooke’s latest sun-filled social media activity suggested that she’s been taking her recent in-ring form in good stead. As The Overtimer noted, she teamed with Mandy Rose on the last episode of Monday Night Raw. The duo took on Lana and Naomi in tag team competition, but they didn’t pick up the victory.

However, Brooke and Rose have become a centerpiece alliance in the company’s Women’s Tag Team division, even though it’s been criticized by some notable pundits in recent weeks due to a lack of legitimate pairings.