'General Hospital' Spoilers: Brook Lynn's Set To Return To Port Charles

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Stacy Carey

There's juicy news out now for "General Hospital" fans, as it seems that the character of Brook Lynn Quartermaine is about to pop up again. After several months away from the set, actress Amanda Setton is back and ready to move her character's storyline forward again.

According to Soap Central, Setton is reprising the role that she took on beginning in November 2019. Her first scenes with her return will debut sometime in March, but a specific date has not yet been revealed.

Setton Took Time Away Due To A Pregnancy

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As "General Hospital" fans will remember, production was halted for quite some time last year due to the coronavirus pandemic. Setton did appear in a couple of the first episodes that aired when the hiatus ended, but then she was replaced.

It turned out that Setton chose to take an early maternity break rather than return to the set with the rest of the cast last summer. "General Hospital" fans had not even known she was pregnant, in large part due to her absence from social media.  


Anna Kendrick's Best Kristen Stewart Impression

Anna Kendrick's Best Kristen Stewart Impression

Briana Lane Stepped In Temporarily

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At the time of the recast, Setton explained that she had been advised to be cautious. She had been eager to return to "General Hospital," but there were many unknowns regarding pregnancy and COVID in those early months. Due to that, she felt it would be best to hold off on filming.

Actress Briana Lane stepped in and quickly won over "General Hospital" viewers. The storyline for Brook Lynn took some wild twists and turns during those few months as well. 

Brook Lynn Faced Numerous Challenges

For starters, Brook Lynn ended up in an epic battle with her father Ned. She was manipulated into handing over her ELQ stock to Valentin, which meant that he gained control of the Quartermaine family company.

After that, she was attacked by Nelle and injured in such a way that her singing career was likely ended forever. She ended up hopping in the sack with Valentin, and "General Hospital" viewers were given a pregnancy tease as Brook Lynn left town to go live with her mother.

Brook Lynn's Return Could Get Wild

"General Hospital" viewers haven't seen Brook Lynn since she left Port Charles last November. Now, when she does return in March, it may well be with a prominent baby bump.

"Can't believe I'll see Brook Lynn 4-5 months pregnant in a couple of weeks," teased one fan via Twitter.

How will Valentin react? Will the sparks fly again with Chase? There are plenty of possibilities and viewers won't have to wait long for some answers.

"General Hospital" spoilers hint that Brook Lynn's return should be a wild one and fans cannot wait to get started.