Kaitlyn Bristowe Clarifies Her Relationship Status With Jason Tartick: Not Split & Not Engaged

Jason Tartick and Kaitlyn Bristowe attend an event
Gettyimages | Joshua Blanchard

Former "The Bachelorette" contestants Kaitlyn Bristowe and Jason Tartick are still happily together, despite some recent worries from fans. They have not split, nor are they engaged. It turns out that a recent Instagram post had a few people wondering on both counts though.

On Wednesday, Kaitlyn shared a sweet photo via her Instagram page. She posed with her dogs Pinot and Ramen, and it appeared that this might have been done as a promotional shot for her Dew Edit line of scrunchies.

Kaitlyn's Initial Photo Raised Eyebrows

Kaitlyn poses with her dogs
Instagram | Kaitlyn Bristowe

The still photo that Kaitlyn shared showed her posing in front of a wall painted with Valentine's Day candy hearts. As is typical with those types of candies, the hearts all had short phrases on them. 

One heart said "Let's Go Girls," and another just over Kaitlyn's shoulder read "Single AF." Apparently, some "The Bachelorette" fans started worrying that this placement was intentional and sending a message about the status of Kaitlyn's relationship with Jason.

Luckily, Kaitlyn didn't leave worried fans hanging for very long.

'The Bachelorette' Quickly Clarified

Kaitlyn shares an update via her Instagram stories
Instagram | Kaitlyn Bristowe

It only took about an hour for Kaitlyn to take to her Instagram stories to clear the air. She showed another version of that initial photo and revealed that there was also an "Engaged AF" heart on that wall behind her. 

Kaitlyn let everybody know that there had been no subliminal message being sent with this shot. She didn't even just tell her fans from "The Bachelorette" herself. She brought her boyfriend into the shot to have him confirm the details.

Jason Confirmed All Is Well

Kaitlyn asked Jason to confirm they're fine
Instagram | Kaitlyn Bristowe

Jason was just behind Kaitlyn at their home playing with Pinot and Ramen. She asked him if they were engaged, and he looked at the camera and said no.

Then, Kaitlyn asked Jason if they were broken up, and again, he said no. She followed up by asking if they were happy, and this prompted him to start singing the decades-old song "Happy Together."

Granted, "The Bachelorette" fans would surely have been thrilled if Jason had told everybody he had finally popped the question. 

An Engagement For Kaitlyn And Jason May Come Soon

Gettyimages | Frazer Harrison

For now, however, Kaitlyn and Jason remain together, but not yet engaged. They have both previously acknowledged that a proposal is likely coming soon though.

Last fall, Kaitlyn competed on "Dancing with the Stars" and won. Just before Christmas, both Kaitlyn and Jason ended up fighting COVID-19. It seems that life has settled down a bit since then, so "The Bachelorette" fans may want to be on engagement ring watch. In the meantime, it seems that everything's good with this popular reality television couple.