Holly Sonders Smolders In Black Lingerie With Legs Spread Apart

Holly Sonders wearing a Tampa Bay Rays jersey and swinging a golf club
Gettyimages | Al Messerschmidt
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Holly Sonders showed off her flexibility and supermodel-like stems in her latest sizzling Instagram share. It's par for the course for her followers to see sexy photos on the former competitive golfer's page, but her devotees always seem thrilled when she devises a new way to put her fantastic figure on display. 

For her latest photoshoot, the 33-year-old fitness model rocked a spicy black ensemble while posing provocatively on a chair. To see how she avoided revealing too much, keep on scrolling. 

Lounging With Her Legs Spread

Holly Sonders wearing gray leggings and a cropped Van Halen T-shirt.
Instagram | Holly Sonders

The setting of the former Fox Sports host's shoot was a spacious room with a tiled cream marble floor and a mirrored wall. She sat in a white armchair positioned in the corner of the space, where a white wall joined the reflective one.

Holly leaned back a bit and spread her legs wide, draping her left leg over one of the chair's arms so that her foot dangled in the air. Her right knee was pressed against the inside of the chair's opposite arm, and her corresponding foot rested on the floor. 

Busty In Black

Holly Sonders wearing a purple lace bra and patterned pants
Instagram | Holly Sonders

Holly was clad in lingerie that included a strapless bustier. The garment had underwire and molded cups with a low cut that showcased a considerable amount of her colossal cleavage. Below the bust, the piece featured sheer panels and stiff bands of material. It had a snug fit that highlighted her whittled waistline. 

Due to the way she was posing, it was impossible to see what Holly's undergarments looked like, or if she had any on at all.

Creative Use Of A Clutch

Holly Sonders wearing a metallic gold wrap top and black sweatpants.
Instagram | Holly Sonders

Holly's footwear was a pair of black patent leather stiletto heels with platforms and peep toes. A hint of red on the slender heels seemed to identify them as Christian Louboutin designs. 

Those who follow the sports fan on Instagram know that she appreciates the finer things in life, and pricey designer pieces often pop up in her posts. Her latest photo also featured a clutch from YSL. She cheekily positioned the tan leather handbag between her legs to cover up her crotch area.   

Lots of Love For Her Legs

Holly Sonders wearing a strappy purple bikini
Instagram | Holly Sonders

In the caption of her post, Holly asked her followers if they had any plans for the night. However, most of them ignored her query, choosing to compliment her in the comments section instead of divulging their evening itineraries. Her long lower limbs received a lot of love.

"Legs for days...and night," wrote one admirer.

"Lovely legs," read another message that included a few heart and fire emoji.

"Stockings and garters were made for your legs and thin hips. They have power," a third fan commented.