Kayla Moody Teases Fans In Daring Black Dress With Sideboob Reveal

Kayla Moody poses for a selfie.
Instagram | Kayla Moody
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Kayla Moody took her little black dress game to a whole new level for her most recent Instagram upload. The double update surprised her loyal fans, as she was a bit more dressed than they are usually accustomed to. However, the shots were still smoking hot as the buxom model layered on the sex appeal while still flaunting plenty of skin to get pulses racing. Look below to see the sexy photos straight from the hot military wife's IG account.

Little Black Dress

Kayla Moody wears tiny black shorts.
Instagram | Kayla Moody

Kayla looked like a million bucks in the pics as she rocked a skintight black dress with a daring sidecut that showed off her ample sideboob. The garment featured a scooped neckline and slender straps that put her muscled biceps and shoulders in the spotlight. She opted to go braless under the garb, which only accentuated her busty chest. The outfit hugged her petite waist closely, as it highlighted her curvaceous hips and round booty in the process. See the photos below!

Skintight Close-ups for the win

Kayla Moody lifts her skirt.
Instagram | Kayla Moody

In the first photo, the model stood with her body turned to the side. She appeared to stand on a balcony for the shots and placed her left hand on the wall in front of her. The other hand rested near her head. Her back was arched and her chest was thrust outward as she turned her head to give a smoldering stare into the camera. The second shot was very similar but featured a close-up look at Kayla's insane curves. Keep scrolling to see more steamy pics!

Blond Hair Don't Care

Kayla Moody wears red bathing suit.
Instagram | Kayla Moody

In the background of the shot, the sunlight could be seen beaming down. However, Kayla stayed in the shade thanks to a tall wall, which blocked the sun. She wore her long, blond hair parted in the center. The locks were styled in voluminous curls that fell down her back and spilled over her shoulders. Kayla geotagged her location as Puerto Rico. In the caption of the post, she asked her followers if they would follow her to the country for a trip. Another sultry pic waits below.

Fans Gush Over Kayla's Latest Pics

Kayla Moody sports revealing brown dress.
Instagram | Kayla Moody

Kayla's 1.2 million-plus followers made quick work of showing their love and support for the post by clicking the like button more than 12,000 times within the first four hours after it was shared to her feed. Her admirers also hit up the comments section to leave over 330 messages during that time.

"Hard work beats everything," one person gushed.

"Looking beautiful gorgeous stunning amazing and sexy in black Kayla," declared another.

"I'll follow you anywhere you want to go," a third user quipped.