Mandy Moore Shares Special Meaning Of Son's Unique Name

Mandy Moore wears a sparkling silver dress on the red carpet.
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Mandy Moore has revealed the special meaning behind her newborn son's name. The little boy was welcomed into the world less than one week ago by Mandy and her husband, Taylor Goldsmith.

"Gus is here," the This Is Us star wrote in an Instagram post, followed by four blue emoji hearts.

"Our sweet boy, August Harrison Goldsmith. He was punctual and arrived right on his due date, much to the delight of his parents. We were prepared to fall in love in all sorts of brand new ways, but it goes beyond anything we could have ever imagined," she penned.

She Shared A Snap Of Her Husband's Sentimental Gift

Mandy Moore smiles for the camera at a red carpet event.
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In a subsequent Instagram photograph, Mandy posted an image of a special blanket crafted for her little man.

In the caption, she explained the meaning behind her son's name.

"It was last August when Taylor and I found out we were having a boy (it's also Taylor's birth month), and we always loved the name... so it was settled very early on in our book," Mandy said.

"For our anniversary in November, T gifted me with this blanket with the "A" (for Amanda) made from extra material from my wedding dress and "T" (for Taylor) from his wedding shirt," the actress revealed.


Mandy Cannot Wait To Pass This Heirloom To Her Son

Mandy Moore in a 2011 photograph.

 "Felt like a very fitting amalgamation of our whole story. I can't wait to pass this on to our sweet August one day," she shared.

Mandy first announced her pregnancy on the social media site in September 2020. She and Taylor, lead singer of the folk-rock band Dawes, stood next to one another in a black and white photograph. He rested his right hand atop her belly. 

The couple has been married since November 2018. Mandy wore a pink ruffled dress. They wed in the backyard of the home they share.


She's Ready To Have More Kids

Mandy Moore at SXSW in 2018.

Mandy told Informed Pregnancy Podcast host Dr. Elliot Berlin, that she is looking forward to having more children.

"I have such a deeper appreciation for my body and the fact that we pregnant folks can do this. It's the coolest thing," Mandy said. 

"I'll do this again. I'm so ready to do this again. Even if I was as sick as I was during the first trimester, there is something I think in the third trimester that is so profoundly magical and beautiful," she explained.

Fans React To The Photograph

Mandy Moore photographed at Paley Fest.

Fans of the actress shared their appreciation for the sweet story of Taylor's gift to his wife. They posted their remarks in the comments section of the post.

"Oh my goodness, I love this story! How cute and sweet is that!?!" penned one fan.

"This is the sweetest!" claimed a second fan.

"Me when I finally realized who she was talking about when she said Amanda," joked a third Instagram user.

"My daughter's name is July. They'll have to marry one day," claimed a fourth fan.