Kelly Ripa Tears Up Over Son Joaquin's Special Gift

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After revealing to Ryan Seacrest and viewers of Live with Kelly & Ryan a touching gift she received from her youngest son Joaquin, Kelly Ripa teared up in a video posted to Instagram.

At their desk, the pair sat on the ABC morning entertainment show set as Kelly relayed the sweet surprise she found from her son in her dressing room.

"I walked into my dressing room this morning, and there were beautiful flowers and a note that said, 'mom.'" 

Ryan said that Kelly was going to make him cry.

Joaquin's Sweet Note Of Thanks

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Kelly placed her glasses atop her face. She began to read the note.

"Dear Mom. 18 years ago, we met, and I have still yet to meet a better mother," she began. 

Kelly followed that by joking, "as much as he's been searching." Ryan responded that Joaquin had been holding auditions.

She continued reading.

"For 18 years, you have cared for and supported me. I appreciate all you do for me. I am so proud to be your son. I love you to the moon and back, love Joaquin."

'This Is When It Gets Really Weird!'

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The letter had an additional message at the bottom.

Kelly said to Ryan, "This is where it gets really weird."

She continued reading, "Thanks for sealing the deal with dad 18 years ago."

Ryan said that the letter was so beautiful and then the 18-year-old in him came out. He added that the fact he sent you a gift on his birthday was the sweetest thing. 

Kelly joked that this was why he was her least favorite child.

Joaquin is Kelly and her husband, Mark Consuelos' third child together. The couple has two other children, a son Michael and daughter Lola.

Kelly And Joaquin Have A Special Bond

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Kelly has spoken openly about the bond she and Joaquin share. The two are incredibly close. 

Throughout his school years, she has worked with him as the young man struggled with dyslexia and dysgraphia. Dyslexia affects reading words properly, while the latter involves a person's handwriting abilities and fine motor skills.

In an interview for InStyle, Kelly shared that she was proud of her son.

Fans of the talk show host shared their happy wishes for the youngest of the Consuelos brood.

Fans React To The Sweet Gesture

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"Wow, just the fact he sent you his mom flowers on his birthday goes to show the beautiful soul he is and that you and your hubby raised—happy 18th to your youngest," penned an Instagram follower of the show.

"Children are a mirror image of their parents. He's sweet and has a sense of humor," a second fan claimed.

"Happy 18th birthday, Joaquin. What a beautiful and awesome thing for your mom! I have watched her since she was on the soaps. She and your father are a gorgeous couple, and they have stunning children," a third wrote.