Niece Waidhofer Flaunts Booty In Emerald Thong: 'Baby Got Back Pain'

Niece Waidhofer wearing lingerie and a pink wig
Instagram | Niece Waidhofer
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Niece Waidhofer flaunted her itty-bitty waist and her killer curves in her latest Instagram share. The Texas-based model devised a risqué way to reveal that she's suffering from back pain, and it involved rocking a revealing lingerie set to draw attention to the potential cause of her problems. 

While showing off her hefty chest and peachy buns, she paid tribute to a Sir Mix-a-Lot classic with a twist that was very much in line with her goth girl aesthetic. Keep scrolling to check out her "healthy butt."   

Sensual With A Hardcore Soundtrack

Niece Waidhofer wearing a beaded sheer gold dress
Instagram | Niece Waidhofer

Niece's newest Instagram masterpiece was filmed inside a bathroom, where she gazed at her porcelain-skinned reflection in the mirror.  While she tossed her hair around and leaned on her sink countertop, a heavy metal version of the rap hit "Baby Got Back" began blasting over the flirty footage. The cover was by the band Throwdown

Niece gave the lyrics of the ode to ample lower assets her own unique take in the caption, where she wrote that "Baby Got Back pain."

Beauty Is Pain

Niece Waidhofer wearing cut-out white lingerie in her bathroom.
Instagram | Niece Waidhofer

While she decided to go a bit dark with her song choice, Niece continued showing off her devilishly funny sense of humor by joking that she's "too cheap to see a doctor" about her discomfort. However, she's always been upfront about her visits to the surgeons who have enhanced her bombshell figure.

Niece kept the zingers coming while interacting with her fans in the comments section. One Instagrammer asked her what the cause of her pain was, and she took a stab in the dark with her self-diagnosis.

"Prolly tiddies," she wrote. 

Showcasing Her Curves In The Color Of Money

Niece Waidhofer wearing a tied-up tank top and pink lace panties while sitting on the sink
Instagram | Niece Waidhofer

Niece wore an emerald green thong that put her round and big buns on full display. The back was formed from a tiny piece of lace fabric, while the sides were ribbon-like bands that were stretched tight around her shapely hips. 

Her balconette bra was a slightly lighter shade of green. It boasted floral lace accents, underwire, and rigid bands on the cups that resembled boning. They gave it a shell-like appearance. 

The model wore a coordinating garter belt and thigh-high stockings. Her brunette hair was styled with a side part and curled ends.

Putting On A Show

Niece Waidhofer wearing a glittering metallic bikini
Instagram | Niece Waidhofer

After playing with her hair, Niece grabbed her bra straps and pulled them up, drawing even more attention to her busty chest. While continuing to lean forward, she shifted her weight back and forth on her feet, teasingly moving her booty in the process. Her garter straps dug into her buns a bit as she moved. 

There was a calla lily with turquoise petals sitting on the counter. She initially had her left hand resting on top of it, but she later slid it across the smooth surface with her right hand. 

"What a beautiful view," read one rave review of her video.

"Great taste in music and lingerie! You look amazing!" another fan wrote.

"Embrace your gifts...we love them...and your doctor," added a third admirer.