Lauren Alexis Sizzles In White Cheerleader Skirt & Crop Top: 'Just Wishing'

Lauren Alexis strikes a pose.
Instagram | Lauren Alexis
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Lauren Alexis tantalized her 1.3 million Instagram followers with her latest post. In it, she explained that she wanted to be the lead in an American high school movie and asked her fans to chime in on what types of films they'd enjoy starring in. 

More than 148,000 Instagram users expressed their appreciation for Lauren's latest offering by hitting the like button. At least 1,575 also took the time to leave an uplifting comment, and several of them also answered her question. 

Fans Have Lots Of Love For Lauren

Lauren Alexis gets cheeky outside.
Instagram | Lauren Alexis

"I love you, Lauren. I'd like to star as your boyfriend in the American high school movie," teased one follower, who including a winking smiley.

"Oh wow! Look at those legs. So sexy. I'd want to star in Toy Story as Buzz Lightyear," a second fan answered, adding flames, red lips, and hearts.

"You're incredibly gorgeous. Too sexy. If I were in a movie, it'd have to be Star Wars for sure," wrote a third devotee along with a red heart-eye smiley. 

Lauren Sizzled In A Pleated White Skirt

Lauren Alexis poses in a cheerleading skirt.
Instagram | Lauren Alexis

In the shot, Lauren posed atop a brown and black table in front of a wall of windows. The off-white vertical blinds were open, revealing blurry city lights after dark. 

Lauren wore a white pleated skirt with two black stripes just above the hemline. She rolled the waistband to create a shorter length and placed one bare foot on the surface of the table, bending her knee and showing off her curves. Her other leg dangled off the edge of the table and out of the frame.

A Crop Top Finished Lauren's Look

Lauren Alexis poses in a mini dress.
Instagram | Lauren Alexis

To finish the sexy cheerleader outfit, Lauren wore a white crop top with short sleeves and thin matching black trim. The garment hugged the model's ample chest and revealed the expanse of her flat tummy.

Lauren posed with her arms behind her, wrapping her manicured fingers around the edge of the thin table. Her long brunette hair cascaded from a side part over one shoulder, covering one of her breasts, and the rest tumbled down her back, falling past her waist. 

Lauren Used Simple Accessories

Lauren Alexis showcases her curves in gray leggings.
Instagram | Lauren Alexis

Lauren kept her accessories for the outfit simple. She wore a thin, sparkly tennis bracelet around one wrist. Lauren posed with her full lips open with her pink tongue sticking out and lightly bit it with her straight white teeth.  

The model keeps her followers engaged with her content by regularly posting sexy photos of herself, showing off her fit body. She is also active on her YouTube channel, where she shares videos of herself trying out lingerie and other outfits and answering her fans' questions.