Lyna Perez Flashes Massive Cleavage & Bites Her Thumb In Flirty New Share

Lyna Perez lets the should strap of her bikini slip off in sultry snap.
Instagram | Lyna Perez
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Lyna Perez put her eye-popping cleavage on show in a new Instagram update shared with fans on February 23. The busty bombshell posed in a scanty swimsuit that left very little to the imagination, posing seductively to show off her sensational curves.

The American model, who advertises in her bio that she basically lives in a bikini, kept true to her word as she slipped into a string two-piece that exposed a great deal of skin. The cream number was a few shades lighter than her bronzed tan, making her voluptuous attributes pop by comparison. Her hot pic is embedded below, so scroll through to check it out!

Looking Like A Snack

Lyna Perez flaunts bombhsell curves in a bejeweled cream bikini.
Instagram | Lyna Perez

Lyna crammed her buxom chest into a triangle top that barely contained her assets. The look included teeny ruched cups that were spaced widely apart and caused her curves to spill out on all sides. Thin spaghetti straps crisscrossed over her décolletage, going around her neck and creating a window that flashed her massive cleavage. A pendant necklace dangled above the daring neckline, further highlighting her busty figure.

The 28-year-old paired the item with a matching bottom that dipped dangerously low in the front, showcasing her toned tummy. The high-cut number was pulled high on her waist, exposing her legs. It tied on the side with a large, loopy bow draping down, which perfectly framed the scorpion tattoo on her bikini line -- a nod to Lyna's zodiac sign. Keep scrolling to see the scandalous bathing suit!

Lyna Gets Flirty 

Lyna Perez flirtatiously bited her thumb while wearing risque red lace lingerie.
Instagram | Lyna Perez

The smokeshow gave off sultry vibes as she cocked her hip and crossed one thigh over the other. She arched her back and raised one arm, taking her hand to her lips and flirtatiously biting down on her thumb. As she did so, her top appeared to shift, letting a bit of underboob spill out of the bottom. 

The babe fixed the camera with a tempting stare that was sure to send quite a few pulses racing among her eager audience. 

Keep going for more insanely hot photos from Lyna's feed!

Perfect Hourglass Figure

Lyna Perez tugs on her scanty leopard-print bikini to show off hourglass figure.
Instagram | Lyna Perez

The model was snapped against a verdant hedge sprinkled with lilac flowers. The spring-themed décor made the perfect backdrop for her beauty, ensuring that all eyes were fixed on her flawless curves. 

Lyna finished off the tantalizing look with a white linen shirt sporting a textured print. She wore the garment open and unbuttoned, letting it coquettishly slip off of one shoulder and slide down to her elbow as she presented her perfect hourglass frame.

This is far from the first time that Lyna has bared her assets in skimpy swimwear on Instagram. As covered by The Inquisitr, she recently accentuated her sinuous figure in a colorful string bikini while shooting a video shot for Bang Energy. 

Fans Can't Handle Her Hotness

Lyna Perez sits with thighs open and bends foward while wearing a flirty bikini.
Instagram | Lyna Perez

Unsurprisingly, the steamy upload caused a stir among Lyna's 6.3 million followers on the platform, reeling in more than 165,800 likes overnight. Her supporters took to the comments section by the masses to show their appreciation for the post, leaving her more than 10,300 messages that included remarks from a slew of fellow models, including Alexa Dellanos, Jessica Killings, Celeste Bright, and Tika Camaj.

"Always such a babe," commented Antje Utgaard.

Some fans got creative in complimenting her appealing look.

"I am a sega player and you are a brand new ps5," quipped one person.

Others were content with simply gushing over Lyna's hotness.

"Very gorgeous great body and gorgeous in bikini," raved a second follower.

Her online admirers didn't shy away from proposing marriage to the curvy beauty and even offered to provide for her and her friends.

"Would you date a scorpio guy," inquired one person.