‘Captain Marvel’ Star Brie Larson Shows Off Chiseled Physique In A Tube Top & Pants

Gettyimages | Paras Griffin

Alisan Duran

On February 23, Brie Larson was not shy about showing off her gym-honed figure online. The American movie star and filmmaker flashed her gains in her most recent Instagram upload. The sexy picture proved to be a hit with her fans from all over the world as she opted for a revealing ensemble that displayed her enviable body. The saucy snap was a rare one as the 31-year-old rarely shows off too much skin on her social media page apart from in her short workout clips.

An Intimate Setting

In the photo, the Captain Marvel actress was photographed inside her home, specifically inside the bedroom. The background showed an unmade bed -- which she pointed out in the caption. The area was also near the window with drapes that were open to let sunlight in.

Brie posed by standing in the middle of the frame with her left hip popped to the side. She positioned her right leg forward as she placed her hands inside her pockets. She wore AirPods and glanced to her right.

That Sexy Body

Brie rocked a strapless printed tube top. It had a white base with orange floral prints all-over. It featured a straight neckline that helped flaunt her insane collarbone and décolletage. It also had a super snug fit that pushed her chest inward and perfectly secured her buxom curves. It also seemed like she didn't wear a bra underneath the top as the fabric had lining and was thick enough. The piece of clothing covered little of her torso, allowing her to showcase her taut stomach.

A Balanced Outfit

She wore khaki high-waisted pants that suited her slender frame. The bottom itself was not as revealing as the top, but it was a flattering one that hugged her curves. The fit was also a little loose, which was a balance to the upper garment. The light brown color was a nice match to the orange hues of the top.

While the actress goes all-out on movie premieres and Oscars, wearing gowns from renowned designers and expensive pieces of jewelry, Brie did not wear any accessories in the new update. It came as no surprise as she was in her natural habitat. All she had on were her AirPods and she was content with that.

Our Favorite Superhero

In the caption, she wrote about her bed situation, relating it to "superheroes." She also added a relevant emoji to the text to make it look more catching to the eyes.

Many of Brie’s Instagram followers were quick to comment on the post. In just 11 hours after going live on the social media platform, the jaw-dropping share has received over 619,000 likes and more than 2,700 comments. Avid fans from different countries went to the comments section and showered her with praise, telling her how gorgeous she looked in various languages. Others complimented her insane abs.