Wednesday's 'General Hospital' Spoilers: Britt Provides Cover As Obrecht Snoops

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During Wednesday's episode of "General Hospital," spoilers indicate that viewers will get more good stuff involving Britt and Obrecht. The mother-and-daughter team had been on the outs until recently, but now they're working together with a common goal.

As "General Hospital" fans saw on Tuesday, Britt and Obrecht met up to determine their next steps. They feel that it's essential to expose Peter before he marries Maxie, and that wedding date is right around the corner. Given that, they're stepping up their efforts.

Britt Focused On Covering For Obrecht

Britt and Obrecht meet on 'General Hospital'
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After meeting at the Port Charles Grille, Obrecht snuck over to Maxie and Peter's place. Britt was given the task to essentially run interference to ensure that her mother was not interrupted.

Britt spent time with Maxie, and "General Hospital" fans could see her struggling. Maxie is desperate for people to accept her love for Peter, and she'd like one of those people to be Britt.

While Britt is doing her best to play along, ultimately, she now cannot support Maxie in this.

Maxie Will Rattle Britt

Kirsten Storms plays Maxie on 'General Hospital'
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According to SheKnows Soaps, Maxie will once again defend Peter in talking to Britt. For now, Britt probably won't feel comfortable doing anything but playing along.

At some point during all of this, things will get complicated as Britt spends time with Maxie. The "General Hospital" sneak peek for Wednesday reveals that as Maxie starts to do something, Britt will rush to stop her. 

It looks as if perhaps Maxie picks up her phone to reach out to someone, and Britt's desperate to stop her. 

Obrecht's Determined

Kathleen Gati plays Obrecht on 'General Hospital'
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Whatever it is that Maxie is about to do likely would disrupt Obrecht's efforts to snoop around in her apartment. 

As Obrecht snoops around, she'll stop for a moment to take it all in. She'll mention that she will find "it," and his secret. 

She believes there is information out there somewhere to prove what Peter's done in the past, and she's not stopping until she finds it. Will she notice the mysterious envelope that arrived and has yet to be opened by Peter?

The Walls Are Closing In On Peter

Wes Ramsey films as Peter on 'General Hospital'
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Someone in Hungary recently mailed information to Peter. It was related to Alex's will and seemed as if it was sent by her ex-husband Dimitri. 

If Obrecht were to notice that and scoop it up, it would make for a juicy development. 

"General Hospital" spoilers detail that during Wednesday's show, Obrecht will avoid a confrontation. Soap Central notes that Peter was called to Anna's place for what could be a difficult conversation, and it seems to be just a matter of time before he's finally exposed.