February 23, 2021
'Counting On' Star Jill Duggar Reveals Lingering Family 'Drama'
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Counting On star Jill Duggar revealed in a new interview with Us Weekly that there remains lingering drama between herself, husband Derick Dillard, and the remainder of her extended Duggar clan.

The couple left the family's TLC series production in 2017 after two years as participants of the clan's 19 Kids and Counting spinoff.

Jill said in a YouTube Q&A video shared in October 2020 that there had been "distancing" between herself and her family members. The close clan has been a mainstay of TLC's lineup since 2008 with the debut of their television show 17 Kids and Counting.

'We're Not On The Best Terms With Some Of My Family.'
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"We're not on the best terms with some of my family. We've had some disagreements, but we're working toward healing definitely and restoration, but we're having to take some time and heal," she explained.

"There were just a lot of things that we were working through and then learning to develop boundaries with even just extended family," Jill shared.

"[There's] a little bit of drama there. … At that point, we were like, 'We need somebody outside the picture to speak into our lives to help us sort things out," she revealed.

Jill & Derick Have Entered Couples Therapy 
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Jill admitted to Us Weekly that she and Derick had entered couples therapy to help them work through their issues and the problems they have encountered within her own family.

She has said the couple found they did not have as much control over their lives as related to the show's production. She admitted that put them between a rock and a hard place where they felt they had to choose between their family's goals and filming.

"We were kind of put between a rock and a hard place where we had to choose between our family goals over filming, and it really felt like it was in the best interest as a family to pursue our family goals," Derek said. 

They Had To Leave The Show To Work On Their Marriage
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"We will not go back on the show under the circumstances we were under when we left."

She shared they had to decide to put filming aside to work on their own goals as a couple.

Jill said to Us Weekly that after the couple parted ways with TLC, "there wasn't a lot of support" from her loved ones, and things haven't "gotten significantly better" since then.

She and Derick are parents to two sons, Israel and Samuel. The couple began courting in November 2013. They were introduced by Jill's father Jim Bob Duggar, who met Derick while on a mission trip to Nepal in 2012. Jill and Derick wed in June 2014.


'We Are In A Healthy Place for Our Family.'
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She explained that the couple felt strongly about leaving.

"There are some issues there," she added. "We feel like we're in a healthy place now for our family and have control over our lives. Certain people are more supportive than others. I think it ebbs and flows with a family of that size. Every family has drama, and so when you've got that many more people giving opinions or whatever, it can get crazy."

She reportedly remains close with her older sisters Jana, Jessa and Jinger.