Yaslen Clemente Sits On Kitchen Counter In A Scandalous Dress

Yaslen Clemente wears a gray sports bra and white shorts.
Instagram | Yaslen Clemente
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Yaslen Clemente took to her Instagram account on Monday, February 22, to upload two sultry pictures that tantalized her 2.6 million followers on the social media site. The Latina smokeshow rocked a printed dress, leaving viewers in awe of her hourglass figure and perky assets.

In a recent report by The Inquisitr, Yaslen added a smoking-hot video to her feed that captivated many of her fans. The short clip showed her in two ultra-revealing swimsuits that flaunted her stunning physique. As of late, the video got 29,600 likes.

Her Famous Buxom Curves

Yaslen Clemente wears a white bikini.
Instagram | Yaslen Clemente

In the update, Yaslen rocked a printed semi-sheer mini dress. It had off-the-shoulder sleeves that covered her arms, and left her shoulders bare. The garment had a black base with various colorful prints. It also boasted halter-style straps that crisscrossed over her chest and went around her neck. Below the straps was a big cut-out that exposed plenty of skin. Her perky cleavage was on display, and it revealed she was braless. However, the dark-colored outfit managed to obscure the necessary parts.

The lower part of the piece had a tie-up feature that caused its ruched look. The detail can shorten the length of the dress.

She Has A Lovely Home

Yaslen Clemente ditches her top and wears ripped jeans.
Instagram | Yaslen Clemente

Yaslen didn’t add a geotag to the post, but the place was familiar to her fans. She used the kitchen area of her Miami home for the photo shoot session. The location was spacious and perfect, with its light interior brightening up the place.

In the first pic, Yaslen could be seen confidently flaunting her scanty attire as she sat on the kitchen counter with her legs crossed. She placed her left hand on the flat surface as she leaned to the side. The babe glanced to her right and raised her right hand to the side of her head.

Stunning Close-Up Shot

Yaslen Clemente wears a white bikini top.
Instagram | Yaslen Clemente

The second image showed a closer look at Yaslen. This time, she moved to the edge of the table and let her legs hang. Her thighs were slightly parted as she posed. She faced the photographer and gave a fierce gaze.

Yaslen wore her highlighted locks down and opted for soft loose curls that framed her face. She had a center part and let her tresses fall over her shoulders. Her peach blush and highlighter looked especially striking in the second shot.

Yaslen was never one for big accessories. She continued that trend in her recent shoot. However, her nails appeared manicured and painted with a bright red polish. Furthermore, she completed her look by wearing a pair of nude sandals.

She's An 'Angel'

Yaslen Clemente wears a light pink underwear set.
Instagram | Yaslen Clemente

In the caption, Yaslen described herself as an “angel.” She also shared that her dress came from My Passerella, a brand that she has been working with for years now. The influencer also added a discount code.

The newest social media update has pulled in more than 35,500 likes and over 300 comments in less than a day. Countless fans dived into the comments section to compliment Yaslen. Others had a hard time finding the right words to express their feelings for the model. Instead, they added a series of emoji.