Latina Hottie Angeline Varona Lays In Bed Wearing Nothing But A Black Bra And Thong On Instagram

Angeline Varona wears a blue shirt and sits inside a car.
Instagram | Angeline Varona

Angeline Varona’s latest Instagram share is showing her doing one of the things she does best -- rocking a skimpy lingerie set -- and her viewers are going absolutely crazy for it. The hot Latina model took to her page on the social media platform on Monday, February 22, to share a heart-stopping photo with her 2.9 million followers.

In a recent report by The Inquisitr, Angeline uploaded a scanty clip of herself wearing an animal-print, two-piece swimsuit that displayed her enviable curves and assets.

Sexy Seductress

Angeline Varona wears a turquoise bikini.
Instagram | Angeline Varona

In the photo, Angeline lay on her stomach while stretched out across the bed. She bent her knees and pointed her toes upward. She positioned her arms in front of her and propped up her upper body. The babe stared straight into the lens and gave a seductive gaze that captivated her admirers. Her flawlessly tanned skin looked glowing in the shot.

Angeline was snapped inside a room. The interior was bright, possibly from the sunlight that entered the room through the windows. The light illuminated the whole area, as well as Angeline’s body.

She Loves Mexico

Angeline Varona rocks a neon orange bikini.
Instagram | Angeline Varona

According to the geotag, the intimate photo op took place in a hotel in Cancún, Quintana Roo, in Mexico. Avid followers of the model know that Angeline visited the country last month for a short vacation with her boyfriend.

Angeline wore a skimpy black underwear set made of delicate fabric. The front side of her intimates was not so visible in the pic because of her stance. From what was seen, the bra appeared to have balconette padded cups that secured her breasts. The snug fit pushed her bust, exposing so much skin. The straps looked like they were adjustable, and they clung to her shoulders for support.

Showing Off Her Perky Booty

Angeline Varona wears a thong and covers her chest with a white towel.
Instagram | Angeline Varona

The 27-year-old internet personality sported a matching pair of undies. The undergarment was even more revealing than the top with a small v-shaped fabric covering the crucial parts. She also wore a garter belt that hugged her slim waistline, highlighting her flat stomach and abs.

Angeline went for soft, romantic curls for her hairstyle, and it suited her bedroom look. She tossed most of her brunette locks over her right shoulder with the ends touching the mattress. The placement of her hair also covered some parts of her chest.

Simplicity Is Key

Angeline Varona wears a light pink bikini in a room.
Instagram | Angeline Varona

She didn’t go all-out for her accessories as not to distract her online audience from her sexy lingerie. She sported her favorite nameplate necklace and dainty stud earrings. Angeline also had her nails painted in a dark red polish.

In the caption, Angeline wrote something relevant to her pose. She also noted that there were more photos that can be viewed on her personal page. She tagged the photographer who took the stunning shot.

In less than 20 hours of going live on the photo-sharing app, the recent social media post garnered more than 143,000 likes and 1,600-plus comments.