February 22, 2021
Abby Dowse Sizzles And Dons A Semi-Sheer Neon Look While Immersed In A Pool
Abby Dowse wears a tiny bikini while immersed in a pool.
Instagram | Abby Dowse
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Buxom blond bombshell Abby Dowse tantalized her 3 million Instagram followers with her latest share, a steamy shot taken while she was immersed in a pool. 

The picture was set at the large outdoor pool that Abby frequently poses either in or near. A tall wooden fence in the distance added some privacy, with several towering trees on the other side offering shade. A few additional bushes and shrubs added some greenery, and several modern-looking gray lounge chairs were positioned on the other side of the pool.

Plunging One-Piece
Abby Dowse flaunts her curves in a daring one-piece swimsuit.
Instagram | Abby Dowse

The focal point in the shot, however, remained Abby's flawless figure in a daring ensemble. The outfit she wore was from the online retailer Fashion Nova, a brand she rocks on her page frequently. 

Just a few hours before her latest post, she shared another image in which she rocked the neon ensemble, tagging the company in case her followers wanted to pick up the look. 

Though the garment didn't exactly look like a swimsuit, Abby didn't let that stop her, wading into the pool until most of her lower body was immersed.

Neon In The Pool
Abby Dowse slays in a skintight neon mini dress.
Instagram | Abby Dowse

The outfit was an off-the-shoulder style, with long sleeves that started about halfway down her upper arm and extended to her wrists. The neckline dipped low in the front, showing off a serious amount of cleavage.

The entire piece was constructed from a semi-sheer lacy material, and the vibrant neon yellow hue popped against her bronzed skin. The figure-hugging silhouette accentuated her fit physique, with the material clinging to every inch of her curves, from her ample assets to her slim waist.

Flirty And Flawless
Abby Dowse smiles flirtatious in a figure-hugging mini dress.
Instagram | Abby Dowse

She wore what appeared to be a pair of simple black thong bikini bottoms underneath, and posed in a way that a glimpse of her peachy posterior was visible. Her legs were slightly spread, with her knees resting on a surface in the pool and both arms positioned on the stone side surrounding the water.

Abby's long blond locks were pulled up in a messy bun atop her head, and she wore a black headband to keep her silky strands out of her eyes. However, a few still hung loose, adding a casual vibe to the ensemble.

Beach Babe
Abby Dowse rocks a skimpy white tank and neon bikini bottoms on the beach.
Instagram | Abby Dowse

She also added a bit of sparkle with her other accessories, including a pair of gold earrings and a ring on her finger. She layered three different necklaces of varying lengths, which drew even more attention to her chest.

Abby's followers couldn't get enough, and the post racked up more than 5,400 likes within just 36 minutes of going live.

The Australian bombshell is no stranger to showing off her curves in sexy swimwear. She frequently thrills her audience with smoking-hot posts in which she flaunts her figure.